Our Practice Philosophy

It is our obligation to inform every one of our patients of the state of their oral health.

It is our desire to offer and provide the best dentistry and dental services that our training, education, experience, and technology has afforded us.

It is our pleasure to treat every patient with the most compassionate care, as if they were members of our own family.

Our Team Makes It Happen

Our team members are dedicated to our mission. They are passionate about their profession and the opportunities they have every day to help people overcome anxieties about visiting the dentist. We are honored that our patients choose to entrust their smile to us, and our team members work hard to live up to that trust. We are very proud of their ability to answer patients’ questions and concerns regarding their overall dental health.

Erin, our registered dental hygienist

Erin, Registered Dental Hygienist

I came to the dental world through a wonderful suggestion of a friend who understood my desire to contribute to the health field. I love the relationships I am able to build with my patients through the years, especially seeing the total impact we make for their overall health. I love the chance to work with my team who helps me in pursuing the best treatments our patients desire.

Sydni, Firouzian's Registered Dental Hygienist

Sydni, Registered Dental Hygienist

When I made a list of all the things I would like to do, going to the dentist was on my list…… so here I am practicing in the field many years later. I enjoy the opportunity to educate patients about their oral health and help make a difference in their healthy smiles. I enjoy the opportunity to see each patient as everyone is different and I have the time to get to know them over years of visits. Our office is dedicated to every patient and in sync with new technology and dental products. I love that this office brings dentistry to a new level by not just focusing on the mouth, but the entire body as well.

Iwona, Firouzian's Treatment Coordinator

Iwona, Treatment Coordinator

I was attracted to the field of dentistry by the variety of options and modern high tech solutions available today. I love having the opportunity to help our patients achieve beautiful and healthy smiles, as to me, it translates to the overall well being of each person. I love the dedication our team possesses, combined with the high standard of care and professionalism. The sense of humor and great personalities around me are an even bigger bonus.

Lori, Office Manager

My name is Lori Ingles and I am the Office Manager here at Firouzian Dentistry.  I have been at this office since April of 2021, but have been in dentistry for over 10 years.  I love dentistry because I enjoy talking to the patients and learning more about them.  My favorite thing to do outside of work is to relax, watch movies with my husband and daughters and play with our dog, Ruby.  I love family game nights, bonfires, and outings with all of my extended family and love serving in my church.

Jennifer, Firouzian's EFDA

Jennifer, EFDA

I grew up in South Vienna, Ohio. I developed an interest in dentistry from my desire to see happy smiling faces. I love to inspire patients to be excited to smile again, it’s so rewarding to be able to participate in the transformation of their smiles. I take pride in the clinical training I have and am excited to help make a difference in our patients dental health. One of the many things I love about our practice is the bonds we have developed and continue to develop with new patients.

Kathy, the Firouzian Office Manager


We asked Kathy to consider joining our team and she gave it some thought and here we are today! Kathy loves to assist patients in understanding the processing of their insurance benefits and the recommendations for treatment. She is a true motivator and our team loves her direction in maintaining the love of what we do. Kathy is a grandmother of the smartest and cutest grandchildren in the world.


A friend introduced me to the dental field. I love working with people and helping them solve problems. Working with a great team has made this so much more fun these last 10 years.

Alexa, Hygienist

My name is Alexa and here is a little about my story.  I have wanted to work in the field of dentistry since I was a child even though I grew up in a family with lots of dental anxieties.  I strive to make each of our patients feel at home when they are with us.  My favorite subject of dental hygiene is the relationship between oral systemic health and our teeth.  We are happy that Alexi has joined our team and look forward to your meeting her at your next visit.