attractive woman with her restored gums with the Chao Pinhole® Gum Surgery

Benefits of the Pinhole® Surgical Technique

If you’ve considered gum rejuvenation in the past, but rejected it, it’s time to look again. Chao Pinhole® gum surgery is a different approach to gum rejuvenation, and it’s better than the procedures you’ve looked at in the past or with other dentists. Compared to traditional gum grafting, Chao Pinhole® gum surgery is accomplished with:

  • Less discomfort
  • Faster healing
  • No scalpel
  • No stitches (sutures)

Gum rejuvenation can be accomplished in a less invasive way. Instead of long lines of cutting at several points in your mouth, there’s just one small pinhole. Yet the results are comparable if not better for predictability, longevity, and appearance. Chao Pinhole® gum surgery is just a better way to cover your tooth roots.

a happy elderly woman smiling with her arms crossed, smiling because of the benefits of Chao Pinhole® Gum Surgery

What Makes Chao Pinhole® Gum Surgery Different

In the past, gum rejuvenation was accomplished by a gum graft. In this procedure, tissue is cut away from a donor site elsewhere in your mouth, typically the roof of the mouth. Then this graft is stitched over the place where gums are receding. This was not only painful and required a longer recovery period, the results could be less than attractive because the tissue at the donor site didn’t always match that at the recipient site.

In Chao Pinhole® gum surgery, we don’t use a donor site. We reposition tissues that are in the area to cover your exposed tooth roots. We don’t have to use stitches to hold this tissue in place, it’s already well-attached. Instead, we can stick them in place with collagen, a protein that is one of the most common in your gums, that works like glue. It’s the least invasive gum rejuvenation method available today.

And because there’s less cutting, healing goes faster with Chao Pinhole® gum surgery than with traditional gum grafting.

What Causes Receding Gums?

Dr. Firouzian with Dr. Chao and his teamDr. Firouzian with Dr. Chao and his team.

Receding gums can be unsightly. They make your teeth look crooked and your gums unhealthy. Receding gums can also put your teeth at risk by contributing to the loss of support for your teeth and exposing them to decay at the root where they are more vulnerable.

Before we can attempt gum rejuvenation, we have to determine what has caused your receding gums and do what we can to stop it. Some of the more common causes of receding gums include:

  • Gum disease
  • Aggressive tooth brushing
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco
  • Crooked teeth
  • Genetic and hormonal factors
  • Health conditions and medications

Usually, there are multiple causes that interact in causing receding gums. We will identify which ones we can definitively treat and which ones we will have to manage. We can teach you how to brush your teeth properly and you can quit smoking, but if you have a genetic predisposition to gum disease, we will have to monitor it and continue to treat it after gum rejuvenation.

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