How Power Balance Performance Mouthguard (POWER UP) Works

green and black Pure Power MouthguardPower Balance Performance Mouth Gear technology (POWER UP) uses principles of neuromuscular dentistry to give you real physiological benefits by removing stress from the jaw, face, and neck muscles. These include:

  • Relaxing facial muscles to improve position of the jaw and aligning the spine
  • Decreased forward head posture due to Silicone BITE-PAD™ System
  • BPA-free material still gives protection to the teeth, and Tritan frame and EVA mold make this a very tough and durable material
  • Each mouth guard is custom created to fit around each tooth using the V-Form design to allow comfort and proper airflow, giving you the oxygen needed to compete in any sport strong to the very end

Symptoms of TMD

A diagram depicting the effects of the Pure Power Mouthguard

Columbus neuromuscular dentist Dr. Firouzian uses a TENS unit to help you relax your jaw muscles. The position of your jaw can then be measured and your custom PB mouthguard created for your individual needs.

Wearing the PB performance mouthguard you may notice increased levels of:

  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Range of motion

There’s also a number of other benefits of wearing PB.

PB performance mouth gear has been validated through a number of studies:

  • Rutgers University in 2010: Evidence exists that customizing this science to a patient can “enhance peak power output and performance in explosive, short durations in bouts of exercise”.
  • Ohio State University Biomechanical Lab alluded that this type of customized mouthguard can actually minimize certain athletic injuries.
  • Human Performance Lab, University of Connecticut Kinesiology Department indicate that POWER UP vs. any other over the counter boil-&-bite vs. no mouthguard at all:
    • “bench throw power and force were significantly higher”
    • “men were better able to maintain significantly higher…power reduction”
    • “the rate of power development was significantly higher in men and women, and lower body exercises in men without compromising performance on any other performance parameters”

Athletes in both contact and non-contact sports can benefit from wearing PB to optimize their performance. PB is same science that helped saints get to the Super Bowl.