At Firouzian Dentistry, one treatment we offer that sets us apart from other dental offices is Healthy Start. Healthy Start is a preventive dental treatment to prevent developmental problems to help children develop a beautiful smile without the need for orthodontics. It also prevents sleep-disordered breathing problems from developing. The Healthy Start growth appliances help the teeth; jaw and airway develop correctly to form a beautiful smile and healthy airway. We recommend this treatment to most children and we usually get lots of questions. To help you understand the treatment better, we’ve answered a selection of the top Healthy Start FAQs below.

Will My Child Needs Braces After Healthy Start Treatment?

The majority of patients who receive Healthy Start treatment and complete it will not need an orthodontic treatment down the line. The small portion of patients who do need orthodontic treatment will only need a minor treatment that lasts less than six months.

Does Healthy Start Treat Breathing Disorders Like Sleep Apnea?

No, Healthy Start does not treat breathing orders. It may help the patient’s airway become more open if developmental problems have caused it to become obstructed. Once the airway becomes fully open, the patient will breathe through their nose instead of their mouth which may resolve symptoms of sleep-disordered breathing like snoring. Once a patient stops growing, the treatment options for airway development become very limited. If your child has received Healthy Start treatment and is showing symptoms of sleep apnea or sleep-disordered breathing, they need a sleep test to confirm their diagnosis.

Does Healthy Start Treat ADD/ADHD?

Healthy Start does not directly treat ADD or ADHD. However, it can treat conditions that cause ADD or ADHD symptoms. Once the conditions receive treatment, the symptoms might subside.

Is Healthy Start Comfortable to Wear?

The appliance your child wears every night is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. Some even describe it as a pillow for children’s teeth. If a child suffers from mouth breathing, they might have trouble wearing the appliance at night until they create a new habit of nasal breathing which the appliance encourages.

What’s the Best Age to Begin Healthy Start Treatment?

We recommend starting Healthy Start as early as possible. The sooner we can guide the development of the jaw, teeth, and airway, the easier and shorter treatment is. Please schedule your child an appointment with us to begin their Healthy Start treatment.

If you’re ready to help your child grow into a beautiful smile and effective airway, contact our Columbus, OH dentist to schedule an appointment. The sooner your child starts treatment, the better.