Whether you had braces as a teenager and you stopped wearing your retainer over the years and your teeth shifted back, or you never had orthodontics in your teens, but you want a straighter smile, Columbus, OH cosmetic dentist Dr. Firouzian can help. At Firouzian Dentistry, we offer several different orthodontic treatments for adults to choose from. Learn more about our treatments below and then schedule a consultation with our cosmetic dentist in Columbus, OH.

Traditional Braces

A man having a dental exam, preparing for orthodontic treatment. Whether you had braces as a teenager and you stopped wearing your retainer over the years and your teeth shifted back, or you never had orthodontics in your teens but you want a straighter smile, Dr. Firouzian can help.

One option for orthodontics is traditional metal braces. This treatment is usually avoided by adults because they don’t like their appearance.

We completely understand. Aside from the unsightly brackets and wires, traditional braces are the least comfortable option because some find the brackets and wires sharp.

However, in some cases, traditional braces might be the best orthodontic treatment option. Traditional braces perform certain tooth movements better than other options. In fact, sometimes, they are the only option that can treat more complicated cases. If you have a moderate to severe orthodontic need, Columbus dentist Dr. Firouzian might suggest traditional orthodontics as your best bet.

Six Month Smiles

If your smile only faces mild problems, Six Month Smiles might be your best choice. Six Month Smiles is a classic case of working smarter, not harder. While Six Month Smiles uses similar tools to traditional braces, it is able to complete treatment in half the time of normal orthodontic approaches.

Six Month Smiles focuses on only the teeth that are visible when you smile. As a result, it’s likely you will achieve your perfect smile in just six months! Six Month Smiles is also a good orthodontic treatment for adults because it’s more discreet than traditional braces. It uses tooth-colored brackets and wires so your treatment is hardly noticeable. Not only that, but the treatment is a great choice for adults with busy schedules. It’s designed so that your tightening appointments at our Columbus, OH dental office are shorter, taking less time out of your day.


If you want to straighten your smile in the most discreet and convenient way, choose Invisalign. Invisalign uses clear aligners to straighten your teeth. Most people won’t even notice the aligners in your mouth unless you mention them. Invisalign is also super convenient because you can remove the aligners every time you eat, drink, or brush your teeth. This means you don’t have to give up your favorite foods or fuss with floss threaders to clean your mouth. In as little as six months to two years, Invisalign can straighten your smile just as well as traditional braces but without the sharp and pointy brackets.

Without anything bonded to your teeth, you can clean your entire tooth. Your tooth benefits from the remineralizing power of your saliva, reducing the risk that you’ll get unattractive white spots on your teeth after treatment.

Invisalign technology has improved and can treat more cases than ever–and it’s faster than ever, with many cases taking half as long as in the past.

Physiologic Orthodontics

Physiologic dentistry looks at your mouth and how your bones, nerves, muscles, and teeth all work together. It’s a holistic alternative to traditional braces. Many people who suffer from TMJ have a malocclusion–their teeth don’t bite together correctly. By using physiologic orthodontics, Columbus dentist Dr. Firouzian moves your teeth into position so they harmonize with your bite system. This type of orthodontic treatment is perfect for adults who suffer from TMJ or other bite problems.

ControlledArch Orthodontics

A different holistic alternative to traditional braces, Invisalign, and Six Month Smiles is ControlledArch orthodontics. This treatment not only straightens your teeth fast but also improves the appearance of your face by reshaping your profile. All braces work by applying pressure that encourages your body to remodel your bones around your teeth. If we’re already encouraging  your body to reshape bones, why not encourage reshaping that improves the shape of  your face? It might be possible to reduce the appearance of a sunken midface or a receding chin. Although this approach works best for younger patients, anyone who can get orthodontics can benefit from ControlledArch Orthodontics.

ControlledArch orthodontics can also benefit TMJ and sleep apnea because it addresses the relationship between the jaw and teeth. Reshaping the jaw makes it easier and faster to move teeth to their desired position.

Orthodontic Work for Adults in Columbus, OH

If you’re considering adult orthodontics, schedule a consultation with Dr. Firouzian to determine which of our orthodontic treatments is the right option for you. Schedule an appointment at our Columbus dental office in the Crossroads neighborhood by calling (614) 848-5001.