If you are missing your teeth and are considering denture options in Columbus, Ohio, you should take a long look at the Denture Fountain of Youth ® (FOY® Dentures). These dentures let you restore your beautiful smile while avoiding some of the problems with traditional dentures and cheap dentures.

With a smart design, these dentures restore your attractive teeth and restore the youthful contours of your face to help you look years younger. With a highly functional fit, FOY® Dentures are more secure than traditional dentures, making it easier to eat, speak, and speak with confidence.

To help you better understand why you might want FOY® Dentures, Columbus denture dentist Dr. Mike Firouzian answers some of the common questions he hears about these innovative dentures.

What Makes FOY® Dentures Different from Traditional Dentures?

FOY® Dentures are different from traditional dentures in many ways. While traditional dentures are seen as just tooth replacements fitted to your gums, FOY® Dentures are designed to restore your face to its original shape. These dentures are also fitted to your entire face, rather than just your gums.

In addition, FOY® Dentures are made with some of the most attractive, advanced, and durable materials available.

What Are the Benefits of FOY® Dentures?

mature woman with blonde hair leaning on chair smiling, showing off her natural looking dentures

With FOY® Dentures, you can enjoy many benefits, including:

  • More attractive smile
  • More youthful appearance
  • Better comfort
  • More secure dentures
  • Improved biting and chewing

Columbus denture dentist Dr. Mike Firouzian designs FOY® Dentures using the latest techniques and technologies in cosmetic dentistry. For the teeth in FOY® Dentures, he uses an advanced ceramic similar to porcelain veneers. The base of FOY® Dentures uses a layered PMMA that has inclusions to mimic blood vessels, helping it look like natural gums. This makes FOY® Dentures very natural in appearance.

The fitting of FOY® Dentures restores the youthful proportions of your face. This reduces the appearance of wrinkles, folds, and jowls. The stability of FOY® Dentures lets them sit in a natural position to avoid sunken lips and cheeks.

FOY® Dentures balance forces on your gums. This reduces denture discomfort and is better for your gums and bones.

Dr. Firouzian ensures that your dentures fit tightly in your mouth. This makes them more secure for daily use. This greater security can improve your ability to bite and chew.

How Are FOY® Dentures Fitted?

Columbus denture dentist Dr. Firouzian takes great care in fitting your FOY® Dentures. Unlike traditional dentures, which just take a static impression of your gums, FOY® Dentures use a dynamic fitting process. This makes sure your dentures fit right when your mouth is in motion.

In addition, Dr. Firouzian makes sure your dentures fit your face, not just your mouth. Your teeth, cheeks, and lips all developed together. Dr. Firouzian reads the proportions of your soft tissue to ensure your FOY® Dentures restore the full height of youthful teeth and bones. This helps rejuvenate your appearance and reduces the risk that you might experience TMJ symptoms like headaches, jaw pain, etc.

As part of the fitting process, you can tell Dr. Firouzian about your ideal smile. You can even choose the individual teeth that go in your denture so that you get a denture that makes you feel confident and happy.

Can FOY® Dentures Be Implant Dentures?

Yes! Although the FOY® Dentures fit makes them very secure, nothing is as secure as implant dentures. You can get the rejuvenating benefits of FOY® Dentures and use dental implants to make them even more secure. Columbus denture dentist Dr. Firouzian can either design FOY® Dentures as implant dentures or, in some cases, adapt them later.

Who Can Get FOY® Dentures?

FOY® Dentures are full dentures, meaning that they replace all the teeth in a dental arch. In order to get FOY® Dentures, you must be looking for full dentures. Otherwise, there are no restrictions on who can get FOY® Dentures.

How Much Do FOY® Dentures Cost?

As custom oral restorations, it’s hard to give a flat price for FOY® Dentures. We can say, though, that FOY® Dentures are premium dentures. They cost more than the average traditional denture. However, given their benefits, they are a great value for people who want to invest in a beautiful, functional smile.

Have More Questions about FOY® Dentures in Columbus?

If you are in Columbus, OH, and are considering FOY® Dentures, let Dr. Mike Firouzian answer all your questions. He can help you understand your denture options so that you can consider which type of denture is best for you.

To talk to Dr. Firouzian about FOY® Dentures, please call (614) 848-5001 or email us today to request an appointment at Firouzian Dentistry in the Crosswoods neighborhood of Columbus.