Starting Your Braces Process with Consultations

If you are considering braces for yourself or another member of your family, we can first have a casual consultation about braces in general and what might be required. Before we can make a treatment plan and give specifics such as the timetable for your treatment or estimated cost, we will need to do a comprehensive exam.

This will include a full exam of your teeth and a full set of dental x-rays, potentially including x-rays of individual teeth as well as a panoramic x-ray of your entire mouth. We may also do imaging of your mouth using our CEREC system, which can be used to help plan traditional braces treatment as well as Invisalign.

Once your proposed treatment plan is prepared, we can talk specifics and you can make decisions about whether you want to proceed. There’s no pressure to make a commitment right away. You can take some time to decide. But if your decision-making process takes months it may affect your treatment plan, which may require a repeat of exams and imaging.

young man smiling, showing off his braces

Getting Your Braces Placed

Traditional braces consist of two main components: the brackets that are attached to the teeth and the archwire which guides the teeth to their desired position.

To place your brackets, we will start with a light etching solution that helps roughen the surface of your teeth so the glue sticks better. Then the glue is applied and the brackets are stuck to your teeth. Once the brackets are all in place, the archwire is secured to them. Usually, this is done using small rubber bands, but with self-ligating braces no rubber bands are used.

It is normal to experience some soreness and discomfort after your braces are placed. This may last for a week or two, and is relatively mild. Discomfort can usually be controlled with over-the-counter medications.

Braces Adjustments

During your treatment, you will need several adjustments of your braces. This will be performed at our office. We will remove the elastics and potentially the archwire, replacing one or both with new versions that will perform the next phase in your orthodontic treatment. With Six Month Smiles, these adjustment visits are streamlined thanks to the computer-optimized process, so they’re shorter and more convenient.

After each adjustment, expect soreness and discomfort after each of these adjustments that is comparable to when your braces were placed.

Removing Your Braces

After your braces procedure is complete, we will remove your braces. We will polish your teeth to remove the glue that held the brackets in place. We may also perform a cleaning of your teeth, or we may schedule that for another visit.

You will start wearing your retainer, which will help your teeth become fixed in their new positions. Initially, you will have to wear your retainer constantly, but you will wear it less and less over time.

Start the Process for Braces

To learn more about the braces process in Columbus, OH, please call (614) 848-5001 or email Firouzian Dentistry.