How Instant Orthodontics Works

Instant orthodontics are a different approach to straightening your teeth, so different that it’s not technically even orthodontics. Traditional orthodontics works by moving your tooth roots. Constant pressure is applied to your teeth, which then translates into pressure on the bone, which remodels around the tooth root. Bone remodeling is slow–it’s a natural process that just takes time. By shifting our focus, we can do things somewhat faster–think Six Month Smiles–but overall we just have to wait for the process to take place.

Instant orthodontics doesn’t move your tooth roots. Instead, it reshapes the visible portion of the teeth so that they’re all perfectly aligned with each other. This is normally accomplished using porcelain veneers, but if some of your teeth need significant reshaping or are small or damaged, porcelain crowns might be used instead.

closeup of a woman's straight smile thanks to Instant orthodontics

Benefits of Instant Orthodontics

Instant orthodontics allows you to avoid some of the disadvantages of traditional orthodontics and offers several additional benefits.

  • Get results in under a month
  • Can correct crossbite, overbite, and other common problems
  • Can help treat TMJ
  • Experience less discomfort
  • Avoid the need for braces
  • Can get whiter teeth
  • Can reshape damaged or unattractive teeth
  • Get long-lasting results
  • Don’t need a retainer

While traditional orthodontics has to wait on the movement of your teeth roots, instant orthodontics can be completed as quickly as any lab-manufactured restoration. Once we prepare your teeth to receive the restorations, it takes just a couple weeks to make the restorations, and then we can place them.

Instant orthodontics works on most common complaints about teeth alignment. Sometimes, it can even be used in support of TMJ treatment, as reshaping your teeth can improve your bite. Typically, TMJ treatment begins with noninvasive and reversible procedures and only proceeds to teeth reshaping once we have had good success with an orthotic (bite splint).

The soreness that comes with orthodontic treatment is related to the pressure on the teeth and bones. With instant orthodontics, there is no pressure, so you’ll just experience minor discomfort related to the reshaping of teeth.

Braces themselves are a disadvantage of orthodontics. They can be hard to clean around and come with numerous restrictions on your diet. But with instant orthodontics, you can avoid them completely.

One of the problems with traditional orthodontics is that many people are unhappy with the results because their smile doesn’t look nice after the procedure. That’s because teeth appearance problems like discolored teeth, damaged teeth, or poorly shaped teeth still diminish the appearance of the smile. These are corrected, so you get a smile that isn’t just straight, it’s bright and beautiful, too.

With instant orthodontics, the results are long-lasting. You should go about ten years without anything beyond maintenance required for your restorations. After that, you may have one or two restorations that need to be replaced every few years. And you don’t have to wear a retainer to maintain results!

Are These Orthodontics in Columbus, OH Right for You?

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