Computerized Orthodontic Imaging

In the past, orthodontic case planning often relied on physical impressions. You had to bite down into plaster, or, more recently, a plastic impression material. This was not only unpleasant and uncomfortable, it was prone to errors. Getting a good impression is not as easy as you might think, and if you’ve recently had an experience where the dentist had to try three or four times to get a good impression, you understand how tedious it can get. Accurate physical impressions can be especially hard to get if you’ve been numbed for a dental procedure or sedated due to anxiety.

However, we can now use our Trios or iTero digital scanner to get a digital impression of your teeth. This is more comfortable, and easier to master. It’s also less likely to be impacted by anesthesia or sedation. iTero has the benefit of being fully compatible with Invisalign. Plus, it includes advanced orthodontic planning software that helps improve the speed and accuracy of your orthodontic treatment.

Plus, computer imaging allows us to start case planning right away and communicate more quickly with labs. This speeds up the process and allows you more opportunities to give input. And with our new 3D printer, we can even produce your retainer in-house, which can make it faster, more convenient, and cheaper, too.

closeup of a woman's teeth with traditional metal braces

Streamlined Visits

Another benefit of computerized orthodontics is that it takes some of the decision making out of your actual visits to the office. For traditional orthodontics, there’s often some on-the-fly planning and adjustment because results aren’t turning out as planned. This takes time both at that appointment and potentially at the end of your treatment.

With computerized orthodontics, we have the entire sequence mapped out from the beginning, which means that your visits can be streamlined. With Invisalign, it only requires a brief checkup to make sure you’re following the treatment plan and taking care of your teeth. You’ll then be given several aligners so you don’t have to return to our office for 6-8 weeks, compared to monthly tightening visits for traditional braces.

With Six Month Smiles, we are give preparation trays that lay out exactly what needs to be done at each of your appointments so we can get you in and out as quickly as possible.

Constant Improvement

Computerized orthodontics also allows us to more easily pool our knowledge from orthodontics cases. In the past, individual orthodontists would learn lessons from cases that went well (or not so well), and all their individual patients would benefit. Sometimes these orthodontists would pass on these lessons to a few colleagues, maybe even exchange them at scholarly conventions. Eventually, this knowledge would be disseminated via textbooks for the next generation of orthodontists. Orthodontics was improving, but the process was slow.

With computerized orthodontics, all our data is constantly being pooled, and this data is being used to make treatment results better. If you get Invisalign today, it is dramatically improved from what was being offered even a few years ago. Our approaches are subtly modified so that they can give even better results in a wider variety of situations. And they’re getting better all the time.

This means that if you’ve considered Invisalign in the past but were told you weren’t a good candidate, maybe it’s time to get a second opinion.

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