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Don’t Ruin Your Braces With Soda!

are really the best option if you are looking to straighten your teeth or reduce crowding. While they can be cumbersome (especially tradition metal braces) . Even an increasing number of adults are deciding that . It is important to remember that maintaining your braces can be hard [...]

By |November 7th, 2019|Categories: Braces, Orthodontics|

Orthodontics for Adults – Which Treatment is Best For You?

Whether you had braces as a teenager and you stopped wearing your retainer over the years and your teeth shifted back, or you never had orthodontics in your teens but you want a straighter smile, Dr. Firouzian can help. At Firouzian Dentistry, we offer four different for adults to choose from. Learn more [...]

Truth in Advertising Goes after False Claims for Braces By Mail

If you’re considering , you’ve probably been bombarded by ads for the new braces by mail service, Smile Direct Club. They might have made the approach seem appealing, but before you commit, you’ll want to make sure you understand the truth of the claims made by the company.  Truth in Advertising are crusaders that [...]

By |July 10th, 2019|Categories: Orthodontics|

Keep Getting Food Stuck in Your Teeth? It’s Time to See the Dentist

You might think that getting food stuck in your teeth isn’t a big deal. Employ a toothpick or maybe some dental floss and you can get it out. That’s true, but if you regularly get food stuck in your teeth, it could be a sign of serious problems with your teeth, problems that require the [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Straighten Your Teeth

If you are considering or other treatments, you might find excuses to postpone treatment until another day. There’s always something to do today. Expenses and bills. Distractions. But if you have crooked teeth, postponing straightening can be damaging to your teeth and your overall health. Here are four good reasons why [...]

By |December 5th, 2018|Categories: Orthodontics|

Is a Tooth Gap a Good Look for You?

In the past, we would automatically have suggested that a tooth gap is an unattractive feature for your smile. However, times have changed, and as this list of 14 Celebs with Intoxicating Tooth Gaps shows, it’s quite possible to have a tooth gap and still have a beautiful smile. But this isn’t to say that [...]

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