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Wisdom Teeth

How Long Is Recovery from Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Recent events have brought a lot of attention to the question of how long it takes to recover after wisdom tooth extraction. Ariana Grande was scheduled to sing in the MLB All Star concert on July 11, but she pulled out at the last minute, ostensibly because her wisdom teeth had been pulled [...]

Man Puts Wisdom Tooth in Engagement Ring

In one of those bizarre stories we hear from time to time, after wisdom tooth extraction, a man saved the teeth and put one of them in an engagement ring he used to propose to his girlfriend on Halloween. Although many people might have been unhappy with this potentially macabre statement of [...]

Why Sooner Is Better for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom tooth removal can be done either as a preventive measure or in response to the development of complications related to your wisdom teeth. It’s not true in every case, but for many people, it’s better to remove wisdom teeth sooner rather than later. Convenience If we’re removing your wisdom teeth preventively, we [...]