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Tooth Injury

Charlotte Flair Loses Teeth on Tour Gets Replacements, Returns to the Tour

It’s an exciting time for women wrestlers. Not only is the profile of women’s wrestling getting an extra boost thanks to the funny, heartwarming series GLOW, but women are finally being allowed to take the top billing. Charlotte Flair, AKA “The Queen,” fought Sasha Banks in October 2016 for the first time women headlines a [...]

TMJ Warning Signs Can Help You Avoid Tooth Damage

TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder, also called TMD) may not seem like much at first. You might dismiss the symptoms because you can--they’re not disabling, and if they’re painful, it may be only intermittent. So you dismiss the symptoms. But it’s actually important to take these symptoms seriously. TMJ is a condition that gets progressively worse. [...]

5 Reasons Not to Ignore Cosmetic Complaints

You might think that cosmetic dentistry is superficial and only related to getting and maintaining an attractive smile. But the truth is that the health and appearance of your smile are closely related. Many things you might think are just cosmetic complaints can actually be serious health problems. Discolored Teeth Can Be Eroded, Decayed, or [...]

Dental Implants Not Appropriate for Children

As a family dentistry practice, we offer treatments for patients of all ages in Columbus, OH. But that doesn't mean that all treatments are appropriate for all those patients. One treatment that is just not appropriate for our younger patients is dental implants. Even if your child has a tooth knocked out, a [...]

March Manias Can Lead to Tooth Injuries

The NCAA tournament briefly grips the attention of the country each year, causing millions of TV sets to be tuned in for hours of basketball. But in between the games, normally sedentary people find themselves taken with the urge to do more than just watch basketball: they want to play. And this urge can increase [...]