The Secret Science of Physiologic Dentistry

If I told you I could help you sleep and breathe better, rid you of a lifetime of headaches, neck and back pain, increase your energy and stamina, and help you live a longer and happier life without medication, would you believe me? Maybe not--it’s good to be skeptical. But if you look at the [...]

Dr. Firouzian Shares TMJ Success Story on Daytime Columbus

Dr. Mike Firouzian recently went on Daytime Columbus to share the success he’s seen treating TMJ patient Mary. Mary had suffered for years and had seen many doctors, including several specialists to try to relieve her symptoms, but she did not see success until working with Dr. Firouzian. Mary’s Symptoms Mary experienced a full suite [...]

By |February 15th, 2017|tmj|

5 Reasons Not to Ignore Cosmetic Complaints

You might think that cosmetic dentistry is superficial and only related to getting and maintaining an attractive smile. But the truth is that the health and appearance of your smile are closely related. Many things you might think are just cosmetic complaints can actually be serious health problems. Discolored Teeth Can Be Eroded, Decayed, or [...]

What Is a Bite Splint?

If you have been researching , you may have come across references to bite splints or occlusal splints. What are these? Simply put, a bite splint is something you wear in your mouth to help treat TMJ and its symptoms. What a Bite Splint Can Accomplish Bite splints are used for a variety of [...]

TMJ Symptoms that You might not Recognize

Chronic pain can be tricky to deal with. In many instances, it can be difficult to identify the precise cause of this pain. This is especially true when the source is located in a completely different region of your body as the painful symptoms you’re experiencing. For many people suffering from , this difficulty [...]

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