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Printed Provisional Crowns as Strong as Traditional Materials–Study

One of the ways that Firouzian Dentistry is introducing digital dentistry to Columbus is with 3D printed provisional restorations--the ones you wear while waiting for your permanent restoration. This may make some people nervous--how can a printed dental crown perform like those made in more traditional ways? Let us [...]

Bringing Digital Dentistry to Columbus

At Firouzian Dentistry, we strive to utilize the best dental technology to deliver the best dental care to our patients. To maintain our commitment to delivering high quality dental care, we have decided to expand our commitment do digital dentistry, which lets us offer faster, more convenient, and more comfortable dental care [...]

Apple Watch Data Lets AI Develop 90% Accurate Algorithm for Sleep Apnea

The fad of wearable tech came and went, but the trend is reviving. That’s because the new generation of wearable tech, led by the Apple Watch has amazing capabilities that people are finding make a big difference for them. It allows you to sync up numerous devices and have a seamless experience as you move [...]

Secrets of Dentin May Lead to New Restorative Materials

Our teeth are composed of several layers, and each one performs a particular task. Although dental enamel gets all the glory because it’s ultra-hard and makes a beautiful outer coating for our teeth, it’s the tough but flexible dentin that really makes teeth durable. Dentin, which is not as cosmetic as enamel, [...]

Dentistry of the Future, Today

We recently discovered what seems to be the oldest evidence of dental work, and in response an editorial appeared in the Washington Post and the Guardian claiming that going to the dentist felt like traveling back in time because modern treatments are so similar to this 14,000-year-old example. That may be the case for some [...]