Tired of Half Measures? Maybe It’s Time for a Full Smile Solution

For most people, dentistry is something they deal with as it comes up. If you get a cavity, you get a filling. Chip a tooth, you might get dental bonding. Chip another tooth, and you might get it bonded, or maybe you decide to get a porcelain veneer this time. Another tooth might get a [...]

British Correspondent Succumbs to the Allure of American Teeth

Sometimes it takes an outsider to truly see the things Americans take for granted. That’s the case with Hannah Thomas-Peter, a US correspondent for British news site Sky News. When she came to the US, she realized that teeth mean so much more in America than in Britain, and possibly other places in the world. [...]

Researchers Say You Smile Back to Understand the Expression

We all know that smiles are contagious. Go into a room of frowning people and give ‘em a big smile and see what happens: they all smile back. It’s very hard to resist smiling back when someone smiles at you, and now researchers think they understand why: you smile back to someone because that’s how [...]

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