Sleep Apnea

Bob Saget’s Death Reminds Us To Not Let Health Conditions Go Undiagnosed

When hotel employees found Bob Saget dead in his hotel room on January 9, it shocked the country. Saget was not only a beloved comedian and family man; he was relatively young, 65, with no known history of significant health problems. Investigators reported no signs of foul play or drug use. Although the authorities [...]

Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children: Know the Warning Signs

Children can suffer from sleep apnea or sleep disordered breathing just like adults. Without treatment, sleep apnea in children can lead to developmental impairment and cause difficulties in school. Oftentimes, sleep disordered breathing is misdiagnosed as ADHD because they have overlapping symptoms.  One of the best ways to help your child receive the correct [...]

Why Good Sleep is Important for a Healthy Immune System

With COVID-19 on everyone’s minds, it’s important to know what factors play a role in your immune system. Sleep is one of the biggest factors that can make or break your immune system. Without an adequate amount of sleep, your immune system can suffer. Learn how sleep affects your immune system and what you can [...]

7 Ways Sleep Apnea Treatment Could Improve Your Year

Many people look at the new year as an opportunity to improve their lives. Many people even go so far as to make formal resolutions to improve their lives. But whether you make resolutions or not, there’s one thing you can do that can dramatically improve your year: get sleep apnea treatment

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