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Routine Dental Care

11 Tips for Fresh Breath

Dental hygiene isn’t just about having healthy teeth, it’s also about having fresh breath. If you suffer from bad breath, use these 11 tips from Dr. Firouzian at Firouzian Dentistry in Columbus, OH to have the freshest breath of your life, all the time. 1. Brush Your Tongue One of the [...]

Most Americans Feel Good about Oral Health, but Many Face Problems

They may be bragging a little bit, but most Americans are happy with their oral health. However, this overall assessment glosses over problems faced by significant numbers of Americans because of their teeth. Feeling Good about Oral Health (or at Least Fair) The assessment of oral health comes from the National Health and Nutrition Examination [...]

Maintain Your Oral Health to Keep Your Body Healthy

We had a great personal friend that we could never convince to come in for routine dental care. He only came in when a tooth broke. He always refused a cleaning because he always flossed and brushed his teeth every day. Over ten years ago, he passed away of pancreatic cancer. Although his wife was [...]

Do Your Teeth Need a Spring Cleaning, Too?

As spring approaches, many of us are getting into the seasonal cleaning of our homes. Getting rid of all the debris and dust that accumulates in the house over the winter can really help dispel the winter blues and get you in the mood for spring. But shouldn’t that same spirit apply to your teeth? [...]

5 Bad Habits That Could Ruin Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best tooth replacement option available. They are the ones most like your natural teeth, and, like your natural teeth, they can last you a lifetime. But that’s only if you treat them right, and there are a number of bad habits that could lead your dental implants to [...]