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Preventive Dentistry

People with Diabetes Are Less Likely to Visit the Dentist

The Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) released a surprising study at the end of March. After reviewing the data, they found the surprising fact that people with diabetes or prediabetes were less likely to make regular dental visits than people without diabetes. This was despite the fact that diabetes can [...]

Which Is Better: Manual or Electric Toothbrushes? Depends on How You Use Them

It’s one of the perpetual questions in dentistry: are electric toothbrushes better? Since their introduction in the 1950s and their widespread marketing in the 1960s, manufacturers of electric toothbrushes have put forward many claims about the efficacy of their devices. They’ve even developed scientific tests that show how much better they can clean. But when [...]

Most Americans Feel Good about Oral Health, but Many Face Problems

They may be bragging a little bit, but most Americans are happy with their oral health. However, this overall assessment glosses over problems faced by significant numbers of Americans because of their teeth. Feeling Good about Oral Health (or at Least Fair) The assessment of oral health comes from the National Health and Nutrition Examination [...]

How Prosecco and Other Wines Can Damage Your Teeth

Wine has been a popular beverage since Biblical times. It’s associated with social rituals both the simple and the grand, from a simple meeting with friends to a wedding toast. And it has been shown that wine may actually be good for your health. But it’s not always good for your teeth. Some have recently [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Postpone Dental Work Any More

On average, only 71% of people in Columbus see their dentist each year. And, unfortunately, many of the people not going are actively avoiding the dentist because they’ve been told they need dental work. There are many reasons why people avoid dental work , but most of these are actually reasons why they should see [...]