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Is a Tooth Gap a Good Look for You?

In the past, we would automatically have suggested that a tooth gap is an unattractive feature for your smile. However, times have changed, and as this list of 14 Celebs with Intoxicating Tooth Gaps shows, it’s quite possible to have a tooth gap and still have a beautiful smile. But this isn’t to say that [...]

How Your Bite Might Be Making Your Smile Unattractive

What is the cause of an unattractive smile? To be sure, genetics plays an important role. And your diet and how well you maintain your teeth influence the appearance. But there’s another factor you might not know can make a big difference in the appearance of your teeth: your bite. Here’s how your bite can [...]

“Porcelain” Veneers: A Delightful Misnomer

When a patient comes to our office, interested in cosmetic dentistry but is concerned about the strength and durability of porcelain veneers, one of the things we help them understand is that porcelain veneers are made with one of the strongest materials that we can use to create a cosmetic look. [...]

How Invisible Factors Impact the Appearance of Porcelain Veneers

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, and, especially porcelain veneers, what you see is what you get, right? Veneers are practically defined as a surface treatment, so it’s easy to see why you might think that it’s only what’s visible that matters. But the truth is that porcelain veneers, and, indeed, [...]

What Can Be Done About Rotated Teeth?

Although rotated teeth are a less common complaint than, say, discolored teeth, or crowded teeth, when they occur they can be hard to deal with. A rotated tooth is highly visible, is prone to getting food stuck in or around it, and can interfere with how your bite fits together (occlusion). Rotated teeth can be [...]