porcelain veneers

“Porcelain” Veneers: A Delightful Misnomer

When a patient comes to our office, interested in but is concerned about the strength and durability of , one of the things we help them understand is that porcelain veneers are made with one of the strongest materials that we can use to create a cosmetic look. In fact, the "porcelain" [...]

How Invisible Factors Impact the Appearance of Porcelain Veneers

When it comes to , and, especially , what you see is what you get, right? Veneers are practically defined as a surface treatment, so it’s easy to see why you might think that it’s only what’s visible that matters. But the truth is that porcelain veneers, and, indeed, all cosmetic dentistry, depends [...]

What Can Be Done About Rotated Teeth?

Although rotated teeth are a less common complaint than, say, discolored teeth, or crowded teeth, when they occur they can be hard to deal with. A rotated tooth is highly visible, is prone to getting food stuck in or around it, and can interfere with how your bite fits together (occlusion). Rotated teeth can be [...]

You Shouldn’t Do Porcelain Veneers One at a Time

If you’re looking to restore your smile using , you know the . You also know that they can last a long time. You probably also know that they can be expensive, but you might think you can get around this by getting your porcelain veneers one at a time to spread out [...]

Don’t Lose Your Flex Dollars This Year

Flexible spending accounts seem like a great benefit. You can put money aside, tax-free to help you pay for healthcare costs. Unfortunately, if not done right, a flexible spending account can end up costing you, because if you don’t spend it by the end of the year, the money’s gone. This year, don’t let [...]