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Oral Health

OSU Research Suggests E-Cigs Might Be Worse for Gums Than Tobacco

Preliminary research recently revealed by a team from Ohio State University College of Dentistry here in Columbus shows that e-cigarettes have a distinct influence on your oral health. It shows that e-cigarettes are not less harmful than tobacco cigarettes and might be much more harmful. Influencing Your Oral Microbiome This team of researchers was looking [...]

ADA Adopts New Definition of Oral Health

In December, the ADA said in its journal that it was adopting the new definition of oral health developed by the FDI World Dental Federation. This new definition is intended to help dentists and others stop focusing on absence of disease as the measure of oral health. Instead, a multifactorial definition of oral [...]

E-Cigarettes Not Harmless to Oral Health

Many people have thought that e-cigarettes are a healthier alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. That may very well be, but there are reasons to be concerned about their impact on oral health. The explosions of e-cigarettes, while rare, are not an inconsiderable danger. And then there’s the risk that they may actually lead to [...]