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The 6 Most Beautiful Smiles You’ll See This Holiday Season

Nothing can be counted on to bring a smile to people’s faces like the holiday season. Sure, the hustle and bustle can sometimes make one grumpy here and there, but once all the shopping, the cooking, the baking, the wrapping, and the traveling are done, you’ll see some smiles that are unlike anything you see [...]

Happy Holidays from Dr. Firouzian & Team!

We'd like to wish you, all of our patients, and our friends and family the warmest of the Season's greetings. May your Holidays be filled with good cheer and fond memories. As we look forward to the next week, we find ourselves smiling. Here's a fun YouTube video that made us smile. We hope you enjoy [...]

Man Puts Wisdom Tooth in Engagement Ring

In one of those bizarre stories we hear from time to time, after wisdom tooth extraction, a man saved the teeth and put one of them in an engagement ring he used to propose to his girlfriend on Halloween. Although many people might have been unhappy with this potentially macabre statement of [...]

Don’t Forget to Brush after Parties

We're in the midst of the biggest party season of the year in Columbus. From Thanksgiving to New Year's Day is the time when people are most likely to go out and enjoy themselves with coworkers, friends, and family. But along with these good times comes a serious risk to your teeth and gums. Many [...]