Signs That Your Teeth Are Wearing Down

Tooth wear is a very common problem, but most people don’t understand how serious it can be. Most people with serious tooth wear don’t identify it until it’s very late and major restorative work is done. Although we can perform full mouth reconstruction, it’s much better to identify and treat these problems [...]

Should You Go from a Bite Splint to Full Mouth Reconstruction?

For many people, TMJ is related to an imbalance in the way teeth fit together. This puts excessive pressure on the jaw joints and may cause stress in the jaw muscles. The impacts of this dysfunction can be disruptive, even disabling and may range far beyond the jaw. When treating this imbalance, [...]

Is This the Year for Your Smile Makeover?

Have you been considering a smile makeover, but keep putting it off? Something always seems to come up, or you just find you can’t commit to the procedure? Well, now may be the time that you should stop procrastinating and get your smile makeover. Here are four good reasons why. You’re Looking for Love If [...]

Full Mouth Reconstruction after a Car Accident Requires Special Skills

If you’ve been in a car accident that damaged your teeth, a full mouth reconstruction can be an essential part of putting the trauma behind you. Although there are many protective technologies to help prevent injury to you during a car accident, they are not able to stop every injury. And while [...]

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