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Full Mouth reconstruction

6 Reasons to Get Reconstructive Dentistry Now

Do you have dental problems that need reconstructive dentistry? It’s tempting to put it off, but you shouldn’t. In fact, there are many good reasons to stop postponing your reconstructive dentistry and get treatment now. It’s Better Than Ever Reconstructive dentistry is a medical science that is constantly improving. Reconstructive dentistry is [...]

Are Your Teeth Being Eroded?

What in your body is harder than bone? Tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is 96% mineral, it’s practically a rock. For comparison, bone is only about 70% mineral. That’s why the body has limited mechanisms to heal our teeth. It’s not impossible, but it’s a slow mechanism, much slower than the destructive forces we encounter every [...]

Signs That Your Teeth Are Wearing Down

Tooth wear is a very common problem, but most people don’t understand how serious it can be. Most people with serious tooth wear don’t identify it until it’s very late and major restorative work is done. Although we can perform full mouth reconstruction, it’s much better to identify and treat these problems [...]

Should You Go from a Bite Splint to Full Mouth Reconstruction?

For many people, TMJ is related to an imbalance in the way teeth fit together. This puts excessive pressure on the jaw joints and may cause stress in the jaw muscles. The impacts of this dysfunction can be disruptive, even disabling and may range far beyond the jaw. When treating this imbalance, [...]