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Family Dentistry

We Know How Many Licks to Reach Center of a Tootsie Pop (Sort of)

It's a question that's beset many of us since we were kids: how many licks does it take to reach the center of a Tootsie Pop? Along with "Everything I Think I See" and "My Bologna Has a First Name," it's an artifact of some incredibly effective advertising campaigns when media was more concentrated and [...]

How Long Is Recovery from Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Recent events have brought a lot of attention to the question of how long it takes to recover after wisdom tooth extraction. Ariana Grande was scheduled to sing in the MLB All Star concert on July 11, but she pulled out at the last minute, ostensibly because her wisdom teeth had been pulled [...]

Do Kids Inherit Bad Teeth?

There are many risk factors that children share with their parents. For example, if your parents snored or had sleep apnea, it’s likely you will, too. But what about the risk of cavities and gum disease? Do children inherit that from their parents? Sort of. But it’s complicated. And here’s the good news: most of [...]

A Family Dentist Can Help When Family Circumstances Affect Oral Health

At Firouzian Dentistry, we strongly believe that there are many benefits to having a family dentist. Among them is the fact that the oral health of one individual is not separate from the family’s circumstances, as highlighted by the findings of a recent British study published in the American Journal of Public Health. [...]

Thanks for Our Dentist Patient Satisfaction Award

For the fifth consecutive year, Firouzian Dentistry and cosmetic dentist Dr. Mike have been honored for our Excellence in Patient Satisfaction for a dentist in Columbus, OH. Although this award was given by Talk of the Town News (ToTT), it was really given by you, our patients, and that’s why we want to [...]