7 Things That Used to Be True about Dentures

Dentures are an old technology. The invention of the first dentures was over a millennia ago and consisted of metal wire wrapped around the remaining teeth and replacement teeth. These dentures were probably just cosmetic–they likely weren’t functional at all.  But denture technology has advanced considerably since then, and FOY Dentures in Columbus with Facelift Results!

Are Your Partial Dentures Causing Receding Gums?

Let’s come right out and say that dentists like partial dentures even less than patients. Partial dentures are a poor tooth replacement option. They’re usually not functional for eating, barely functional for speaking, and come out of place so often that they’re nicknamed “flippers”. This is not to say that no one gets [...]

Another Denture Fountain of Youth® Success

Recently, Firouzian Dentistry was featured again on Fox 28’s Medical Marketplace, where we were able to share the story of another successful treatment with the Denture Fountain of Youth ®. We like these spots because they give us the opportunity to show how we can really turn around the life of people with [...]

Dental Implants Lead to Highest Quality of Life

We often say that dental implants are the best tooth replacement option. Now there’s more research than ever to support that. This new study from Case Western Reserve University shows that dental implants lead to a better quality of life than any other tooth replacement option. The Best of All Options This study [...]