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Dental Implants

Fracture Risk for Dental Implants Is Very Small

One of the benefits of dental implants is their high durability. We know that dental implants have been shown to be very long-lasting in many studies. Once placed and successfully integrated, dental implants are expected to last decades. However, sometimes people raise concerns. For example, inspection of recently showed the presence of tiny [...]

Dental Implants Can Help You Live a Better Life

Dental implants are tooth replacement options that don’t just look like natural teeth: they function like natural teeth, too. And maintenance for dental implants is easy--they just require the same maintenance as your natural teeth. Because of all the , we know that they improve the quality of life for anyone who gets [...]

OSU Research Suggests E-Cigs Might Be Worse for Gums Than Tobacco

Preliminary research recently revealed by a team from Ohio State University College of Dentistry here in Columbus shows that e-cigarettes have a distinct influence on your oral health. It shows that e-cigarettes are not less harmful than tobacco cigarettes and might be much more harmful. Influencing Your Oral Microbiome This team of researchers was looking [...]

Is Sleep Apnea Putting Your Dental Implants at Risk?

We know that there are many complications of sleep apnea. These complications affect your brain, your heart, and more. But did you know that can be a threat to your ? That’s according to a new study, which showed that implant complications were higher in people with obstructive sleep apnea. Prosthetic Complications [...]

Bone Augmentation Increases Success for Dental Implants

are a very successful procedure, but we are always considering ways to improve the procedure and get better results. In particular, we want to get to the point where nearly all dental implants succeed, reducing our failure rate from under 5% to under 1% over the long term. That’s why we’re excited to [...]