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Cosmetic Dentistry

Why a Smile Makeover Might Be Better Than Individual Procedures

When people come in for a cosmetic consultation, they often think they know exactly what they want. “I just want teeth whitening,” they might say, or “If I straighten my teeth, I’ll be happy with my smile.” Often these people are right. Procedures like teeth whitening or orthodontics are [...]

Treat Your Teeth Like a Classic Car, Not a Jalopy

Last week, Columbus was invaded by several fleets of classic cars, with two major events drawing aficionados to the area (plus a motorcycle rally). Both ran Friday and Saturday, and attracted thousands of classic cars displayed under the bright summer sun. The more professional event was the Goodguys PPG Nationals, which was not only a [...]

Should You Go from a Bite Splint to Full Mouth Reconstruction?

For many people, TMJ is related to an imbalance in the way teeth fit together. This puts excessive pressure on the jaw joints and may cause stress in the jaw muscles. The impacts of this dysfunction can be disruptive, even disabling and may range far beyond the jaw. When treating this imbalance, [...]

Charlotte Flair Loses Teeth on Tour Gets Replacements, Returns to the Tour

It’s an exciting time for women wrestlers. Not only is the profile of women’s wrestling getting an extra boost thanks to the funny, heartwarming series GLOW, but women are finally being allowed to take the top billing. Charlotte Flair, AKA “The Queen,” fought Sasha Banks in October 2016 for the first time women headlines a [...]

Trios Digital Scanner Makes Dental Visits Faster and More Comfortable

At Firouzian Dentistry, we are always looking for ways to improve our patients’ experience and the quality of the results. Now we’ve introduced a new technology that allows us to do both: the Trios digital scanner. This new, advanced digital scanner gives us the ability to completely do without physical impressions for [...]