On average, only 71% of people in Columbus, Ohio see their dentist each year. And, unfortunately, many of the people not going are actively avoiding the dentist because they’ve been told they need dental work.

There are many reasons why people avoid dental work , but most of these are actually reasons why they should see their dentist and get work completed as soon as possible.

You shouldn't wait to go to the dentist.

It’s Expensive to Wait

When told they need dental work, many people think they don’t want to spend the money, so they avoid getting the work done. However, the truth is that it’s expensive to wait to get dental care.

Dental problems are almost always progressive, and the longer you wait, the worse they get. If you’ve been told you need a filling, you might decide to put that off, but the decay actually continues and worsens. The small hole acts as a trap for food and bacteria, and creates a tiny environment where acid can concentrate. This means that a cavity can worsen much faster than it initially developed. If you put off dental work for a few months, your need for a filling may become a need for a crown.

Wait too long, and the cavity will penetrate into the tooth pulp–the living part of the tooth. Damage to one tooth can lead to damage to others. Postpone treatment long enough and you may need full mouth reconstruction.

Because the condition of your teeth can worsen, waiting to get treatment can often be much more expensive in the long run. If you can’t fit treatment into your current budget, consider financing options. The cost you save will typically more than make up any financing charges.

I’m Too Busy

People avoid going to the dentist all the time because they say they just don’t have the time. But, again, this is an excuse that could actually backfire. If you get your tooth treated now, you can do it at your convenience. It just takes an hour or two for minor treatments. If you look at your schedule honestly, you can probably spare that much time at some point in the next few weeks. Just make it happen.

The alternative can be much harder on your schedule. If you put off dental work too long, you may find that you no longer have a choice. An oral infection could land you in the hospital for several days. Or, worse, you could end up dead like the young trucker who didn’t take time to get his toothache looked at.

It may be inconvenient to schedule a dentist’s appointment,

Treatment Scares Me

We understand that fear of the dentist is very common. Dental phobia is more common than arachnophobia (fear of spiders)!

But if you’re afraid of the dentist, it’s best not to postpone treatment. Think about it. What’s worse: a filling or losing a tooth?

And, trust us, we’re not like other dentists you may have been to. Our office is comfortable and welcoming. We know how to make people feel comfortable, even if they have dental anxiety.

And for people with more serious anxiety, sedation dentistry can help them overcome it.

The goal is to overcome anxiety enough to help you get regular checkups and preventive care. That way, you can avoid more serious treatments as much as possible.

Don’t Put off Dental Work Any Longer

Putting off dental work is never a good idea. If you’ve been told you need any kind of dental procedure but haven’t gotten it, we can help.

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