Wisdom tooth removal can be done either as a preventive measure or in response to the development of complications related to your wisdom teeth. It’s not true in every case, but for many people, it’s better to remove wisdom teeth sooner rather than later.


If we’re removing your wisdom teeth preventively, we can schedule the procedure at a time that’s convenient to you. You can often schedule it on a Friday, for example, and have the weekend for recovery from wisdom tooth removal so that you can be back to work on Monday with only one day missed from work. You can also avoid any major life events that you wouldn’t want to be disrupted.

But if you develop complications related to your wisdom teeth, we don’t know when that will become an emergency. It may be in the middle of your busiest week at work, or it may pop up just a few days before your wedding.

illustration of wisdom tooth causing pain in mouth

An Easier Procedure

Probably the most important reason to get wisdom teeth removal sooner is that the procedure is usually easier if your wisdom teeth haven’t fully developed their roots yet. This can mean less discomfort and less risk of surgical complications like nerve injury. These complications aren’t likely, but it’s better to reduce risk if we can, right?

Preserving Your Other Teeth

When we first identify the potential for problems with your wisdom teeth, it’s before any damage is done to your neighboring teeth. If we postpone removal of your wisdom teeth, we can’t be sure that we’ll get them removed before they do damage to your neighboring teeth–your second molars. They can also trigger crowding and bite problems that can lead to damage to teeth throughout your mouth.

Avoiding General Health Complications

As your wisdom teeth develop problems, it won’t just lead to damage to your teeth, it will likely lead to problems that can have consequences to your overall health. For example, many people develop headaches related to bite problems associated with impacted wisdom teeth. And if infection develops around your wisdom tooth or teeth, that infection can spread through your body, damaging your heart and potentially even spreading to your sinuses and then your brain. These are rare complications, but they are serious.

That said, you can elect to have wisdom tooth removal when they first come in or wait for signs that they are becoming problematic. Whatever stage you are at, if you’re looking for wisdom tooth removal, please call (614) 848-5001 for an appointment with a Columbus, Ohio dentist at Firouzian Dentistry.