Cosmetic dentistry gives long-lasting results. These results can last for decades in some cases. But nothing lasts forever, not even cosmetic dentistry. If you got your restorations years ago and were happy with how they matched your natural teeth, you might not be as happy today.

Here’s why your restorations may not match the appearance of your natural teeth anymore.

Your Teeth Are Stained

We know that teeth can be stained by exposure to many different types of foods, beverages, and pollutants like tobacco smoke. Over time, your teeth will become more discolored, but your restorations may not.

Ceramic restorations like porcelain veneers have a durable glaze that keeps stains out. Just routine cleaning keeps them looking bright white.

a image of a woman with a line down the middle of her smile showing the difference in color between two sets of dental work

Teeth whitening might be able to slow the mismatch between staining teeth and resistant restorations, but it can’t keep it up forever. Eventually changes in the enamel or dentin will keep your teeth from whitening to match the restorations again.

At this point, you can decide whether you want to replace the restorations or get new restorations over your other teeth.

Your Restorations Are Stained

But not all restorations are immune to staining. Dental bonding discolors over time like your tooth enamel. Bonding may not respond to teeth whitening, or it may respond differently, so it won’t continue to match your natural teeth.

Another problem is that time or improper care can wear away the protective coating on restorations. This will make them vulnerable to staining, just like composites.

When your restorations are stained, it may be necessary to replace them to restore your attractive results.

Your Teeth Are Eroded

Your teeth aren’t just vulnerable to discoloration, they can be eaten away by acids in your mouth. Acid erosion attacks your teeth when you drink sodas or other acidic beverages. Stomach acid can also contribute to tooth erosion. Most commonly, this occurs when you have GERD, which causes acid to bubble up the esophagus and into the mouth.

Your restorations are very resistant to stomach acid, so they won’t be affected as much as your natural teeth.

Your Smile Can Be Beautiful Again

If you’ve enjoyed years of great results with your old cosmetic dentistry, you don’t have to accept that they’re not as attractive as they used to be. We can help restore your restorations to their former beauty so you can enjoy them for decades to come.

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