Life can be hard, and though we make it through day to day, we don’t always do it completely unscathed, and that includes our smile. sometimes our smile bears the marks of our life in ways that can make it unattractive.

But cosmetic dentistry has many techniques we can use to restore your smile to its attractive best.

Poor Decisions in Youth

Ah, youthful indiscretions. Some of them end up on our permanent record, while others end up permanently recorded on our teeth.

There are many ways that young men and women can get their teeth damaged, from impromptu basketball games to brawls. These chipped teeth can be repaired with porcelain veneers or dental bonding.

Another decision that can have a negative impact on your teeth and gums is oral piercings. Piercings in your tongue, cheek, or lip, can lead to chipped or worn teeth as well as receding gums.

But piercings aren’t the only bad decision that can lead to receding gums. Smoking or smokeless tobacco use can also lead to receding gums or even tooth loss.

And then there’s the fact that many young men and women just don’t brush or floss often enough, resulting in gum disease that can lead to receding gums or even tooth loss.

Chao Pinhole Surgery allows us to reverse the causes of receding gums so your smile looks healthy again. We can replace missing teeth with dental implants, provided gum disease has been treated first.

Stress on Your Teeth

Many of us have spent some long nights worrying about tomorrow, such as how we were going to make ends meet or how we were going to handle the responsibilities of a new job.

Unfortunately, your teeth could bear the brunt of this worry.

If you clench your teeth because of stress, you may have worn them down, making them short. You might also have caused them to crack, what we call craze lines.

As with chipped teeth, stressed or worn teeth might be treated with porcelain veneers, though if we think there might be more jaw clenching, we might treat jaw problems such as TMJ first, the restore your teeth. Dental crowns also make a great option to restore chipped teeth, and they can help support additional stress.

Your Smile Can Be Beautiful and Wise

The good thing about all you’ve been through is the lessons you’ve learned. That wisdom will keep you from making similar mistakes in the future. But you don’t have to have the reminders in your teeth to keep from making those mistakes. Instead, turn back the clock so your smile can have its youthful brilliance, but get rid of the unattractive consequences.

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