At Firouzian Dentistry, we believe everyone should be able to have a straight and beautiful smile. We understand that not every orthodontic treatment works for every patient. This is why Dr. Firouzian has completed several different orthodontic programs so that he can offer a variety of treatments for both children and adults. If you’re interested in straightening your teeth, browse through our different options for orthodontics in Columbus, OH.


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One of our most popular orthodontic options is Invisalign. Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners to gradually move teeth into their desired position. Patients must wear the aligners for 22 hours per day and switch to a new set about every two weeks. Invisalign is discreet, comfortable, and convenient. Patients don’t have to give up their favorite foods and can simply remove their aligners whenever they need to eat or brush and floss their teeth. We highly recommend Invisalign to teens and adults with all sorts of orthodontic issues.

Six Month Smiles

If your orthodontic issues are mainly cosmetic, you might benefit from Six Month Smiles which straightens your teeth in as little as six months. Six Month Smiles uses tooth-colored brackets and wires on the front six visible teeth. By focusing on only the front teeth, Six Month Smiles can work faster than other orthodontic treatments.

Traditional Braces

We also offer traditional braces to our patients who don’t want Invisalign or who have severe orthodontic issues. Traditional braces involve gluing brackets to each tooth and then connect the brackets with a wire. The wire gently applies pressure to the teeth which then move into their desired position. Although traditional braces don’t come with as many benefits as Invisalign, they do an excellent job and provide beautiful results.

Physiologic Orthodontics

Another type of orthodontics we offer than many dental offices don’t is physiologic orthodontics. Physiologic orthodontics move your teeth into a position to harmonize the rest of the bite system including muscles, joints, and teeth. This type of orthodontic treatment is beneficial for patients who suffer from TMD disorders.

Facial Growth Orthodontics

The last type of orthodontic treatment we offer is facial growth orthodontics. Facial growth orthodontics straightens teeth and reshapes the jaw and airway. Patients who suffer from TMJ or sleep apnea can especially benefit from this type of treatment.

Not sure which orthodontic treatment is right for you? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Firouzian at our Columbus, OH dental office today to find out! Please call (614) 848-5001 to get started.