Last week, Columbus was invaded by several fleets of classic cars, with two major events drawing aficionados to the area (plus a motorcycle rally). Both ran Friday and Saturday, and attracted thousands of classic cars displayed under the bright summer sun.

The more professional event was the Goodguys PPG Nationals, which was not only a display event, it was a nationwide competition for classic cars, attracting some of the best restored vehicles from around the country. Some of these cars had been competing just the previous weekend starting in Des Moines for the Heartland Nationals, before cruising together as a fleet down to Columbus. Some were there to show off their finish and upholstery, but many of them were there to show off their speed, as more than 100 cars competed for the best lap times on the AutoCross track.

The less competitive event was the Arthritis Foundation Classic Auto Show and Cruise-In, which featured more than 1000 cars in Dublin and donated proceeds to the Arthritis Foundation.

But if there was one thing that both these shows had in common, it was showing the difference that dedicated care could make. Although the Goodguys show expanded its model years to include cars as recent as 1987, many of the cars were much older, some 80, 90, even 100 years old.

Treat Your Teeth Like a Classic Car | Columbus, OH

Don’t Wait for Things to Go Wrong

People who maintain their classic cars don’t wait for something to go wrong with their ride. They are always paying attention to the performance of their car, and if the performance isn’t where they want it to be, they do something about it. They don’t wait until the car won’t start, until the red lights come on, or until the car is leaking fluid all over the ground. They check out the car regularly to make sure it’s all properly maintained and ready to perform on demand.

This is a great way to treat your teeth, too. Regular checkups help ensure that your teeth are healthy before problems come up. It can identify when problems are developing, so that you don’t need restorations–simple changes in diet and hygiene can ensure your teeth stay in top shape.

Beauty and Health Are Closely Linked

Many people have the attitude that a car doesn’t have to look good, as long as it gets them to their destination. But the attitude is different for people who own and maintain their classic cars. They know that the way the car looks is critical to the health and function of the car. And this is true of your teeth, as well.

You see people out cleaning and polishing their classic cars. This not only removes dirt and debris, it helps protect the paint. The paint isn’t just the beautiful outer coating of the car, it’s the car’s first line of defense against the elements. When the paint is chipped, cracked, or worn away, the metal of the body is exposed and can begin to rust.

Proper oral hygiene ensures that your teeth stay clean and free from cavities. Brushing and flossing can remove food debris and bacteria from your teeth. Debris and bacteria contribute to decay, cavities, that are the first step in the destruction of your teeth. Neglect a tooth long enough and we won’t be able to save it.

Don’t Be Afraid to Customize

One of the amazing things about going to a classic car show is the dazzling array of body styles, colors, and accessories. Part of this is because the show collects cars from such a long period of time. But part of it is because the owners have chosen to customize their cars to meet their vision of what they should look like.

Remember, although these cars may be nearly 100 years old, they all rolled off an assembly line at one time. And early cars may have had even fewer options than we enjoy today. (Henry Ford famously quipped, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.”)

This is another lesson for looking at your smile. You’re not stuck with the stock model teeth that you’ve been issued by genetics and your personal history. Cosmetic dentistry offers you the opportunity to mod your smile so that it’s just the way you want it. Do you want a more youthful smile? A more masculine smile? Brighter? Bolder? You name it, you can have it!

You’re Welcome at Our Classic Smile Garage

Are you looking to transform your jalopy of a smile into a beautiful classic? Here in Columbus, Firouzian Dentistry is happy to help. Under the guidance of master mechanic cosmetic dentist Dr. Mike Firouzian, we can help you achieve a showstopping smile. We even do full mouth reconstructions on smiles that might have been neglected for a while.

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