mature adult woman smiling with teeth, happyAt Firouzian Dentistry in Columbus, OH, we are always proud to offer our patients life-changing dentistry. When it comes to life-changing dentistry, there are few procedures that can make a bigger impact than full-mouth reconstruction.

We want to share with you the story of this case, a patient whose full-mouth reconstruction produced functional and cosmetic changes to improve her bite and expand her airway. This helped her feel better, so she felt more desire to smile, and improved her smile so she’d be confident in her smile, too.

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full-mouth reconstruction is a custom combination of dental procedures, including both cosmetic and reconstructive dental procedures. It restores damaged teeth and replaces lost teeth to improve jaw and tooth function.

The goal is a healthy, functional bite and a beautiful smile.

Wide-Ranging Symptoms of Bite Problems

When Shelly (name changed to retain anonymity) came to us, she had a number of issues with her bite. She had TMJ symptoms such as jaw pain and headaches. Visually, her collapsed bite made her face look more squat and square, which made her look older and more overweight than she actually was. Visually, her face had sunken, bringing her nose closer to her chin.

What people couldn’t see was another major impact of her collapsed bite. Because of the size, position, and fit of her teeth, Shelly’s airway was very narrow. This made it harder for her to breathe. The result was a general sense of fatigue and low energy.

Shelly decided she wanted a change and came to us with these problems because she knew that Dr. Mike Firouzian is one of the few dentists in Columbus, OH, who deals with these types of issues.

Assessing Bite Problems

To determine the source of Shelly’s symptoms, Dr. Mike ran a full TMJ diagnostic. This includes an assessment of jaw function and jaw tension. We do this with the K7 system that measures muscle tension, tracks jaw movement, and assesses jaw sounds.  Detailed imaging of her airway with cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) revealed how her collapsed jaw had narrowed her airway. An unattended sleep study also helps to screen for underlying Upper Airway Resistance and or Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Correcting Bite Problems

Looking at these results, Dr. Mike designed an oral appliance (orthotic) to restore Shelly’s bite to a healthy position. Shelly wore the orthotic until her jaw adjusted to the new position.

Wearing the orthotic relieved Shelly’s bite symptoms. Less jaw pain, fewer headaches, no more vertigo, no more ear blockage, and improved energy all convinced Shelly that she wanted to make the effects permanent.

To integrate the new bite position in Shelly’s bite, Dr. Mike built up some of her damaged/worn teeth with dental crowns and upper veneers. Shelly also needed five dental implants to replace teeth that were unhealthy or had been lost previously (which had contributed to her dental collapse).

New CBCT scans measured Shelly’s airway at nearly three times as wide as with her collapsed bite.

Loving Her New Energy and Her New Smile

Shelly is delighted with the results of her full mouth reconstruction. She is happy to have a bite that lets her chew comfortably and effectively. In addition, she loves the new energy she feels now that she can breathe more easily.

Plus, she loves the way her new bite has had a rejuvenating and slimming effect on her facial appearance. She doesn’t just feel younger and fitter–she looks it, too.

Look and Feel Healthier with Full Mouth Reconstruction in Columbus

Are you experiencing TMJ symptoms like ear and jaw noises, jaw pain, headaches, or more? Do you find you have low energy, possibly even chronic fatigue coupled with loud breathing and/or snoring? Have you been identified with Fibromyalgia? Full mouth reconstruction in Columbus can fix these problems and give you a beautiful smile, too.

To learn how full mouth reconstruction can help you, please call (614) 848-5001 or use our online form today to request an appointment at Firouzian Dentistry in Columbus’ Crossroads neighborhood.