For most people, dentistry is something they deal with as it comes up. If you get a cavity, you get a filling. Chip a tooth, you might get dental bonding. Chip another tooth, and you might get it bonded, or maybe you decide to get a porcelain veneer this time. Another tooth might get a crown. Your teeth look stained, so maybe you get teeth whitening.

The problem with this approach is that you might end up with a smile that shows its piecework nature. Nothing matches. Fortunately, if you want to fix this, we can help–we offer full smile solutions that will give your smile an attractive, unified appearance.

Full smile solution

Why Restorations Might Not Match Over Time

If you’ve spent a lifetime repairing your smile, there are many reasons why the individual repairs might not match each other.

Probably the biggest cause is that materials will change over time. If you got fillings or crowns in the past, they were probably metal restorations. These restorations stand out when the rest of your restorations are ceramic, and nobody around you seems to have metal fillings and crowns.

But even if you got tooth-colored restorations that seemed to match well at first, they may not match well over time. Composite fillings and dental bonding might seem like a good match when they’re placed, but they can become stained over time. They can also lose their polish, which will make them look more plastic and less like natural tooth enamel.

Some older porcelain veneers are actually a different form of composite. Although it looks like ceramic, it’s part plastic, and the color can change over time, either because of staining or because of the way the plastic degrades over time.

On the other hand, many restorations have the opposite problem: they don’t stain. Restorations that used to match your teeth now stand out because they’re bright white, while your teeth have become discolored.

And to make things worse, your teeth can be whitened, but your restorations can’t. Teeth whitening can make your teeth and restorations stand apart.

Over time, piecework repairs and cosmetic dentistry will show their nature, and this can make your smile look unattractive.

Treat Your Entire Smile

If years or repair have left your smile with many visible patches, we can help. The key to a unified appearance for your smile is a unified treatment.

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Mike Firouzian has helped many Columbus, OH patients who had a mixture of different restorations. He designs a full smile solution that uses restorations made of the same material so that your smile will all match.

These precisely fitted restorations will be very durable, and they’ll be stain resistant, too, so you can enjoy the appearance of your new, attractive smile for years–even decades–to come.

If you’re tired of a mismatched smile and want one with unified beauty, please call (614) 848-5001 today for an appointment at Firouzian Dentistry.