Nothing can be counted on to bring a smile to people’s faces like the holiday season. Sure, the hustle and bustle can sometimes make one grumpy here and there, but once all the shopping, the cooking, the baking, the wrapping, and the traveling are done, you’ll see some smiles that are unlike anything you see all year.

Here are some of the most beautiful smiles you can look forward to seeing in the coming weeks.

Woman showing off her beautiful smile

The Smile of Friends and Family Reunited

Life can be a long, strange trip, certainly, and with each of us on our individual journeys, it’s easy for families and friends to be scattered around the country. But at the holidays, everyone makes an extra special effort to get together, and the effect is unbelievable.

When you see that brother, sister, cousin, or old friend that you haven’t seen all year, you can’t keep the smile from your face–and they can’t keep it from theirs, either. All the hugs and kisses that follow are special, too, but there’s nothing like that pure, spontaneous joy at first sight.

The Smile of New Friends

Most of us like to spend the holidays with the people we know and love, but there are also many opportunities to mix and mingle during the holiday season. And, who knows, you just may find a new best friend or love of your life at one of these functions.

The magic of recognizing how your soul connects with another person’s makes for a special moment, and a special smile.

The Smile of New Family

When your family is scattered across the country or around the world, they aren’t static just because you don’t see them. They’re building their own lives, and it’s during the holidays that they introduce you to all the new additions they’re bringing to your joyful clan.

Many a fiance gets nervously introduced over the holidays. Though parents may be skeptical at the young man or woman who wants to marry their daughter or son, their smiles are still genuine when they recognize how happy marriage will make their child.

But there’s no skepticism at the appearance of a new baby. Then it’s all smiles and coos and “can I hold ‘em?”s.  And when the baby smiles back, it’s such exquisite joy that it justifies the whole season.

The Smile Commemorating Absent Loved Ones

As much as we’d love for everyone to be able to make it during the holidays, inevitably there’s someone who can’t make the trip. And just as inevitably, the conversation finds its way to focus on those absent loved ones. Although there may be some pain associated with them being gone, there is also true happiness and a unique smile that comes from realizing the ties that bond you to your loved ones can transcend the distance that separates you.

This is true even if our absent loved ones have passed. True, there may be some sadness that they’re gone, but there’s also the realization that they live on, and the impact they’ve made on your life brings you joy and its own bittersweet smile.

The Smile of a Delighted Child

As much as the people matter, we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the role that presents play in spreading joy during the holidays. And no one appreciates presents with the pure joy of a child. In the days leading up to the holidays, children can get quite annoying with their restless anticipation. But when they tear aside the wrapping paper and rest their eyes on their Heart’s True Desire, then turn their eyes to you in love and thanksgiving, it’s unlike anything else in this world.

The Smile of a Delighted Spouse

Most of us spend pretty much every day with our spouse, and we may tell them that we love them every day. But there are few opportunities to truly demonstrate that love like the holidays. When you unite your beloved with their Heart’s True Desire, it can bring your hearts together again with a passion like the first meeting. More important than the size or expense of the gift is just the evidence that you’re truly listening to what they have said and giving them the things they truly want.

We Wish You All the Smiles of the Season

Here at Firouzian Dentistry, we consider you all a part of our dental family, and we love to see your smiles at this time of year, and all year round.

Whether you’re spending your holidays with new friends or old, or even in blessed solitude, we hope you enjoy the season. Here’s to wishing you the most joyful, most beautiful smiles of the holiday season, and looking forward to seeing you again in the New Year. Call (614) 848-5001 to set up your consultation.