Do you have a special event coming up soon? A teeth whitening treatment might be in order! You’ll want your smile to look its best in all the pictures. After all, the last thing you want is your stained teeth hitting your social media feed. 

However, with all the over-the-counter products on the market these days, should you book an appointment with your Columbus dentist for teeth whitening? There are pros and cons to both options. Still, you may consider leaning towards professional treatments. There are many advantages to teeth whitening procedures done by a dentist.

beautiful young woman showing off her bright, white smile

How Tooth Whitening Treatments Work

There are several reasons why teeth become stained or discolored. First off, they easily stain since they are porous. In fact, certain beverages and food can cause discoloration. Coffee, tea, red wine, berries, and some curries can all cause teeth stains or discoloration. Chewing or smoking tobacco is another factor. Lastly, other things that cause teeth staining include some medications, natural wear and tear, as well as a tooth injury.

Teeth whitening procedures aim to correct staining and discoloration. Most treatments have whitening agents applied or “painted” to a tooth’s surface. The agent remains on the tooth for a certain amount of time until your dentist in Columbus, OH removes it. Some teeth whitening systems require you to undergo several applications. Meanwhile, some require only a single visit.

Three Reason To Go To Your Dentist for Whitening

Over-the-counter products are very popular these days. After all, they can be found at pretty much every big box store around. Not to mention, you can order them online, where they end up at your front door in days. You can’t beat how convenient this is.

However, are these teeth whitening kits effective? Below are three benefits of going to your dentist for teeth whitening treatments.

1. Your Dentist Knows What He’s Doing

Teeth damage can occur when whitening agents aren’t properly applied. This can include tooth sensitivity and even tooth decay. The good news is, your dentist in Columbus is very knowledgeable in this type of procedure. Over-the-counter products are safe. However, it’s nice having peace of mind that a dental professional is handling this important treatment.

2. Better Results

Simply put, going to your dentist guarantees better results. They have access to robust equipment and can effectively manage even the most stubborn stains. In addition, home whitening kits don’t last as long as the same procedure done at the dentist.

3. Far More Effective

Sometimes, it can take weeks before you notice results with over-the-counter products. When you whiten teeth professionally, you’ll see results after your first appointment.

Some teeth whitening products at stores work better than others. It’s hard to tell which one will be the best for you. Some patients end up spending the same money on teeth whitening kits as a professional treatment. This is because they try many different over-the-counter brands. All in an effort to find the best one. This not only wastes money but time as well.

Brighten Your Smile With Professional Teeth-Whitening Treatments In Columbus, OH

Sure, there are more who are turning to over-the-counter products. This can be a low-cost and convenient way to brighten your smile. However, these products aren’t as effective or safe as teeth whitening performed by a cosmetic dentist like Dr. Michael Firouzian. They may not even be as long-lasting. The whitening agents used in the office are more powerful than those available at your typical big box store. Plus, you’ll see results on your teeth about seven to 10 shades lighter, after a single one-hour whitening session.

At Firouzian Dentistry, we offer the following teeth whitening systems:

It is important to note that with our 3D printer, Firouzian Dentistry can produce whitening trays for you, in-house. The best part is, you don’t have to bite down into a tray of impression material. With a simple wave of our wand over your teeth, digital images come to life! We send them directly to the printer. Our team presents whitening trays to you within moments.

Are you in the Columbus, Ohio area and interested in teeth whitening treatments? Please contact Firouzian Dentistry to schedule an appointment, at (614) 848-5001 today. Whether performed in the office or offered a take-home kit, our teeth whitening systems are safe and effective. Dr. Firouzian watches over every procedure, and our team’s main priority is the safety and comfort of our patients. We discuss the many different teeth whitening procedures offered. Our team will explain the right one that works best for you. All whitening treatments done in our offices are effective, painless, and offer zero sensitivity issues.