Shopping for a dentist for your family can be challenging. It’s hard to understand what all the different terms mean. This makes it even more difficult to determine what dentist might be the right one for you. Here’re some things you need to know about a family dentist to make your decision.

A Family Dentist Is a General Dentist

Some people think that a family dentist is a dentist focused on caring for children. That is a pediatric dentist, a specialist who has received additional training and certification in caring for children’s dental issues.

A family dentist, on the other hand, is a general dentist for the whole family. He’s a primary care dentist, one  you can go to for most dental problems, from everyday cleanings to all but the most advanced types of dental procedures, which should be handled by a specialist. Your primary care dentist is also the hub in your circle of dental care, connecting you to all the specialists that may be able to help you if you have a complex procedure.

A Family Dentist Is a Preventive Dentist

Because family dentists are general dentists, much of their practice is focused on preventing damage before it occurs. This includes an emphasis on regular checkups and cleanings. Cleanings remove hardened plaque–tartar or calculus–and help prevent the growth of bacteria and the damage to your teeth and gums that can result.

This also includes careful instruction at home care, which can be especially important for children, but also can help adults if the dentist notices some parts of your teeth aren’t getting as clean as they should. Preventive treatments like dental sealants are also typically offered for children and adults.

A Family Dentist Is a Welcoming Dentist

A family dentist opens his door to patients of all ages and need levels. Specialists are only allowed to care for patients in their specialty–such as pediatric dentists who can provide care for children only.

The family dentist’s open and welcoming approach to dentistry extends to their compassionate treatment of patients. They strive to make all patients feel at home and comfortable in their dental practice.

Is a Family Dentist Your Dentist?

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