There’s been a lot of good news for the economy recently, especially in Columbus, which has been described as the “undisputed growth engine” of Ohio. The city has the best job creation numbers and the lowest unemployment rate in the state, so if you’re still having a hard time finding a job, you might wonder what’s the problem.
It may be your smile.

Job Creation Is Strong Nationwide

Nationwide job growth is going like gangbusters. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014 saw 11 straight months of job creation at over 200,000 jobs a month. If estimates for January 2015 prove reliable, that’ll be 12 straight months of job creation at that rate, something we haven’t seen since the Internet boom in the mid 1990s.

Less official measures of job growth also point to similar trends. A Gallup poll on job creation shows a sustained period of job growth at the highest rate since the index was created in 2008. The index uses a survey of more than 16,000 people from all 50 states and the District of Columbia on whether their employer is hiring, maintaining staff, or reducing staff. The index is then created by subtracting the number of employers hiring minus the number reducing.

Last month, 40% of respondents said their employer was hiring, while 12% said their employer was reducing staff, for a job creation index of 28. The measure had hit a previous high in May 2014 at 27, then peaked slightly in September, reaching 30, but has remained in the same basic range for the last 10 months.

Another Gallup poll on job confidence shows a justifiable optimism on job prospects. Since 2002, Gallup has been asking Americans if they thought now was a good time to look for a job. The index peaked in January 2007 at 48%, but reached its second-highest level at 45% in January 2015.

Are You Being Left behind by the Rebound?

With Columbus as one of the leaders in the recovering economy and with the lowest unemployment in the state, many people are enjoying a return to prosperity, but others may not be. Some people may not have the skills or experience to participate in the new job market, but for others, the problem may be less obvious.

If you find that your resume isn’t getting you called in for interviews, that’s the place to start looking for problems. First, check to make sure there are no obvious mistakes that could be putting you in a bad light with prospective employers. If there aren’t any, assess your skill set and attempt to increase it with volunteer work, temp jobs, or additional training.

But if you are getting interviews and still not getting the job, there may be another problem that is responsible: your smile. Having a more attractive smile increases your odds of getting hired. A person is 58% more likely to be hired with whiter teeth, and is 45% more likely to be hired over someone with similar qualifications if they have straight teeth.

If your job prospects are lagging, teeth whitening or orthodontics may make the difference.

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