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Bob Saget’s Death Reminds Us To Not Let Health Conditions Go Undiagnosed

When hotel employees found Bob Saget dead in his hotel room on January 9, it shocked the country. Saget was not only a beloved comedian and family man; he was relatively young, 65, with no known history of significant health problems. Investigators reported no signs of foul play or drug use. Although the authorities [...]

By |February 7th, 2022|Categories: Sleep Apnea|

Traditional Orthodontics Might Not Be the Right Solution for You

Dr. Mike Firouzian believes in helping all his patients find the best treatment option for them. This includes people looking for orthodontic treatment. As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Firouzian offers a variety of ways for his patients in Columbus to get a straight, beautiful smile. He offers traditional braces with wires and [...]

By |January 10th, 2022|Categories: Orthodontics|

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are the best replacement option for lost teeth because of all the benefits they offer. Dental implants function just like natural teeth, require no special maintenance, and can last a lifetime. And they can look great -- so much like natural teeth that no one will know or guess that [...]

By |December 2nd, 2021|Categories: Dental Implants|

Holistic Dentistry Insight: 7 Ways Oral Bacteria Can Affect Your Health

One of the things that sets Firouzian Dentistry apart from other dental practices is our emphasis on holistic dentistry. Holistic dentistry recognizes that the silos of medicine and dentistry aren’t accurate to our bodies. The body is a whole, and the health of the entire body depends on the health of [...]

By |November 3rd, 2021|Categories: Holistic Dentistry|

All Of Us Have Suffered From Bad Breath At One Time Or Another

All of us have suffered from bad breath at one time or another. But it is estimated that forty million Americans suffer from bad breath that never goes away. This can make social situations, from first introductions to business transactions to intimate moments uncomfortable. If you are unhappy with bad breath, there are many [...]

By |October 5th, 2021|Categories: Preventive Dentistry|

Feel Confident in Your Smile—Without a Mask

Mask wearing has become the norm since the pandemic began and with it came a lot of relief from people who felt embarrassed by their smiles. They no longer had to hide their teeth by covering their mouth with their hands or smiling with their lips closed. Instead, the mask literally masked their imperfections. [...]

By |August 26th, 2021|Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry|
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