If you look at the ads, there are many quick fixes out that that promise they can protect and restore your teeth without you having to go to the dentist for cosmetic dentistry.

As good as the ads might make these products look, the truth is that they are not good for you. In fact, they can be very harmful, and make you worse off than before.

How Online Order Teeth and Other Quick Fixes Can Harm You

They Look Terrible

There’s probably no better way to convince you about the low quality of these products than to let you see them for yourself. So look at the results that a young man in Britain got when he decided to invest in a snap-on set of teeth online.

These veneers looked and fit so comically bad that he and his friends got a lark out of them, but these would certainly not pass as an attractive, natural smile.

The terrible appearance of these mail-order teeth can have more of an impact than the money wasted on them. You may develop a sense of shame or guilt at being taken in by such an obvious ruse. If you’re already struggling with self-esteem issues because of your smile, this can make it even worse.

But the worst impact on your self-esteem might come from trying to wear these obviously fake teeth. If you’re already self-conscious about your smile, that will likely increase significantly as people notice and react to your new teeth.

If you are thinking of buying these fake teeth to improve your smile, they will only make things worse.

Poor Fit Causes Problems

But the appearance of these online fake teeth isn’t the only bad thing about them–or even the worst. One problem people have with these teeth is that if they actually try to wear them, they may be hurting their bite. That’s because when you wear poorly fitting fake teeth, it’s hard for your teeth to fit together in healthy way. Your jaw can shift, and some of your teeth will be subjected to more bite force than others. This can damage those teeth, which will then need more repair.

But the damage probably won’t stop with your teeth. When your bite is out of balance, it can contribute to TMJ, whose symptoms can radiate outward as jaw pain, headaches, neck pain, and more. The longer you wear these poorly fitting replacement teeth, the worse your bite problems will become.

You’ll Put Off Real Treatment

These mail-order teeth are a classic case of penny wise, dollar foolish. By trying to get away with a cheap solution today, you put off getting a real solution until later.

All dental problems are progressive–that means that they worsen with time. All the time you spend fooling with ordering these online teeth, waiting for them to arrive, and maybe even wearing them a while, your tooth problems are worsening.

This means that the longer you wait to get cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry, the more expensive the procedures are going to get. That means that these online fake teeth cost you twice: once when you pay for them, and once when you have to pay more to really fix your problem. And there are possibly other costs, too. Poor oral health can impact many other aspects of your health, costing you in care for things such as heart disease, diabetes, digestive disorders, and more.

If you really want to save money when treating cosmetic and health problems with your teeth, the smartest thing you can do is contact a dentist right away to get proper care. You’ll be surprised: it’s probably less expensive than you think.

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