We are happy to announce the successful completion of Mary’s full mouth reconstruction. Her case shows how someone can get relief from many serious symptoms through the use of reconstructive dentistry.

Although Mary’s primary goal was to resolve the numerous bite-related symptoms she felt, she was also happy with the beautiful new smile she received as part of the procedure.

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Seeking Relief from Pain

When Mary came to us, she had many symptoms that she was unable to get relief from. Many of Mary’s symptoms were classic symptoms of the bite dysfunction known as temporomandibular joint disorder (abbreviated TMJ or TMD).These included:

These symptom started as a minor nuisance, but worsened until she was unable to go about her daily routine: talking on the phone, driving, and other daily tasks became impossible.

Mary tried getting treatment with several doctors. Starting with her general doctor and being referred to several specialists, she became tired of having her symptoms dismissed, even as they continued to worsen.

Full mouth reconstruction patient, Mary

Full Mouth Reconstruction Patient, Mary

Stabilizing Mary’s Bite

When Mary came to see Dr. Mike Firouzian, he didn’t dismiss her symptoms or tell her that “everything’s fine,” as other doctors had done. Instead, he set about scientifically measuring problems with Mary’s bite. He was able to identify the bite imbalance that was responsible for the TMJ.

To eliminate the bite imbalance, Dr. Firouzian bonded an orthotic to her lower teeth. This appliance worked to hold her bite in the proper place, allowing her muscles and nerves to return to natural,healthy positions. At this point, Mary’s symptoms resolved. But it was only part of the treatment.

Mary’s Dental Issues

Partly because of her bite problems and partly due to other causes, Mary had experienced a number of tooth problems in the past. She had restorations on most of her upper teeth. These restorations were highly visible and didn’t match with her natural teeth.

Mary had fewer restorations on her lower teeth, which showed significant wear. This may have been part of the cause of her bite problem or a symptom of the bite problems.

These various restorations were performed at different times, and were made with many different materials. They were visibly mismatched with each other and with her natural teeth.

Beautiful and Functional Reconstruction

Once Dr. Firouzian had established the optimal position for Mary’s jaw, he designed restorations that would hold her jaw in this position. The new restorations are also highly attractive and now when she smiles, all her teeth match.

Mary continues to enjoy relief from the symptoms that had plagued her for so long. With no pain and being able to return to her normal life, Mary definitely has a lot to smile about now!

If you have TMJ symptoms or are unhappy with old restorations that are unattractive, mismatched, or nonfunctional, a full mouth reconstruction may be just the right solution for you. Please call (614) 848-5001 today for an appointment with Columbus, OH cosmetic dentist Dr. Mike Firouzian