The NCAA tournament briefly grips the attention of the country each year, causing millions of TV sets to be tuned in for hours of basketball. But in between the games, normally sedentary people find themselves taken with the urge to do more than just watch basketball: they want to play. And this urge can increase when your team gets knocked out–you want to keep the dream alive. So with the Buckeyes out of the tourney again this year, we expect a lot of people in Columbus to be out shooting hoops.

And when people who normally don’t get more exercise than the walk to their fridge for another beer suddenly get out and play a sport like basketball, tooth injuries can be unfortunately common. Here’s why.

young adult woman holding her mouth in pain

Your Reflexes Are Sluggish

If you’re not a regular on the court, you probably think you’re a lot faster than you are, especially if you were a regular player in your younger days. Trying to do things you used to be able to do–or imagine you can do–you may find yourself not only falling short of the rim, but literally hitting the hardwoods. Or asphalt. Or concrete. Or whatever your local court is made out of. And that can lead to chipped teeth.

Your Teamwork Is a Little Rusty

A team sport like basketball depends on everyone thinking and working together in precise rhythm. If you’re just an occasional player, you and your buddies probably don’t have your rhythms down. And this can lead to a lot of thrown elbows, errant balls, and on-court collisions.

And the result of these is–you guessed it–tooth injuries.

Crowds on and off the Court

But basketball isn’t the only cause of tooth injuries in the spring. In fact, tooth injuries come from many different sports and activities, and they all increase in the spring.

As the weather improves, the trails in Columbus’ parks get crowded, and this can lead to more collisions. Not to mention the risk of tripping over leashes and kids that dash randomly across the path. Plus many of the people on the paths are themselves rusty from a winter inside. That guy on the racing bike may not have been on it since October, and he might not be as good as he used to be at dodging around joggers.

More collisions lead to more tooth injuries.

Protect Your Teeth or Repair Them

As an amateur basketball player or other weekend warrior, you may not think it’s worth it to invest in a mouthguard. But you should consider it.

And if you do suffer a chipped or cracked tooth, a cosmetic dentist can make sure you don’t have to share that embarrassing story every time you open your mouth. Procedures like dental bonding and porcelain veneers can conceal the damage so you can save the story for when you’ve had a few and really want to tell it.

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