What is the cause of an unattractive smile? To be sure, genetics plays an important role. And your diet and how well you maintain your teeth influence the appearance. But there’s another factor you might not know can make a big difference in the appearance of your teeth: your bite.

Here’s how your bite can influence the appearance of your smile.

Your bite can make your smile unattractive

Teeth Wear and Damage

An unhealthy bite damages your teeth. It brings excessive bite forces down on the teeth. This can cause them to chip, crack, or wear down.

When your teeth get chipped, they lose their beautiful symmetry. They can also become unattractively shaped, and they will look unhealthy. (They may also be unhealthy–chipping can structurally damage teeth and may create places for food and oral bacteria to get trapped, increasing decay.)

Your teeth may not chip or break off, but they may develop cracks in them. Small vertical cracks called craze lines are a common indicator that your bite force is excessive. These cracks can accumulate stains, making them very visible and unattractive.

Just because you don’t experience chipping or cracking, it doesn’t mean your bite is healthy. Many people experience excessive tooth wear instead. Over time, your teeth slowly get worn down. Healthy, attractive, youthful teeth are tall and have variable heights. Wear makes your teeth look unhealthy and aged.

An unhealthy bite might also put more force down on one side of your mouth than the other. This won’t just make your smile crooked, it can make your entire face look crooked.

Although minor chips and cracks might be treated with porcelain veneers, we might need to take a broader perspective and fix your bite or else the restorations will be damaged. A full mouth reconstruction will ensure your smile is healthy and stays beautiful.

Crooked, Crowded, or Gapped Teeth

Your teeth are supposed to be straight. They have straight edges that are supposed to buttress each other against bite forces to make your bite stronger than the individual teeth.

So what causes crooked teeth? Often, it’s a result of imbalanced forces in the mouth, including the forces caused by the action of your chewing muscles.

The problem with crooked teeth is not just that they’re unattractive, but that they foster a bad bite. That’s right, crooked teeth are not only an effect of a bad bite, they can be a cause as well. If you have a bad bite, it will often cause your teeth to get more crooked over time, which can cause your bite to worsen until you develop symptoms of TMJ.

Neuromuscular orthodontics is a key approach to ensuring your teeth get straight in a way that promotes a healthy bite. Without taking the bite into account, simply straightening teeth can cause as many problems as it solves.

Long-Lasting Results Depend on a Healthy Bite

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your smile and think that your bite might be part of the problem? Columbus, OH cosmetic dentist Dr. Mike Firouzian offers full mouth solutions that treat your bite as well as your smile.

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