As the holiday season approaches, you may find yourself scrambling to get gifts for everyone on your list. And then there’s that special person who you think deserves something really unique, something that shows your love and improves their life, not just another thing that clogs their life and won’t get used or enjoyed.

Cosmetic dentistry in Columbus, Ohio can be that perfect gift, but it’s not easy to give. That’s part of what makes it a true gift from the heart. If done right, cosmetic dentistry can be the gift that makes both of you smile for years, even decades to come.

How to (Politely) Give Cosmetic Dentistry as a Gift

Is Cosmetic Dentistry the Right Gift?

Giving someone cosmetic dentistry has the potential to backfire. If it’s not done right, it can make the giftee think that you dislike their smile. They may be insulted. They may be hurt. And it may make it harder for them to actually get cosmetic dentistry. How do you avoid that?

Make Sure It’s Something They Want: People will be insulted if it’s you who’s saying their smile needs improvement. But they are more likely to respond well if it’s actually something they’ve been considering. If it’s something they talk about often and you know for sure it’s something they want, that’s good. Otherwise, try to confirm your belief by bringing up the subject in an offhanded way, or even have someone else bring it up.

Show That You Were Listening: People considering cosmetic dentistry typically have a few specific concerns. Make sure your gift is targeted to those concerns. Don’t give someone teeth whitening if their concern is chipped teeth. If your gift doesn’t reflect their concerns, they will infer that you’re actually giving the gift because you think their smile needs to be fixed.

Convey That You’re Giving out of Love: People respond better to gifts that are for them and are intended to make them happy. That goes doubly for a gift like cosmetic dentistry. Convey to the person that you want them to be happy and that you think this will be a good thing for them. When relevant, talk about health benefits of the procedure.

Screening Dentists Is a Valuable Gift

One of the things that keeps people from getting cosmetic dentistry is the challenge of finding the right dentist. You can help them out by doing some of the research about dentists. Visit websites. Call offices. Maybe even schedule a visit or two. Then, when you give the gift, you’ve done a lot of the groundwork for them. Your gift will seem more generous and less like a burden.

Go Together

One great strategy to defuse the risk that people will be insulted by a gift of cosmetic dentistry is making it something you do together. Then it becomes not just a gift, but an activity that you enjoy together, and, afterwards, you can both enjoy your new, beautiful smiles.

We have seen outstanding results from couples who have gotten their smiles fixed together. It’s enriching and joyful.

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