A woman wearing a red sweater and sitting in front of a Christmas tree holds her head with a migraine
Living with migraines is hard any time of year, but it can get particularly challenging during the holiday season. Stress, holiday lights, intrusive smells, and even unusual foods can all trigger excess migraines during the holiday season. But you can help the migraineurs in your life and show your holiday spirit by making a few simple offers.

Offer to Run Errands

There are many things that people need to get done during the holidays, and it can be very hard for anybody to fit them all in. When migraines sideline you for several days, it can be even harder. Offer to take some errands off their plate this season, whether it’s a run to the grocery store or picking out a present for a hard-to-shop-for relative. Especially useful is an offer to brave the migraine-inducing mall with its perfume counters, crowds, and dizzying light displays.

Give Them a Pass for Family Gatherings

One of the biggest pressures of the season is family get-togethers. Everyone is expected to attend and everyone is asked to contribute something, like a baked dish or presents. But if someone in your family has migraines, encourage them to stay home or to just skip one of the traditional dishes if they are suffering from attacks. You can always get together at another (lower-stress) time, and get-togethers are still enjoyable without all the traditional trappings. If you have time, maybe you can offer to cook their usual contribution for them.

Giving people a pass also means standing up for them if any family members want to talk bad about them in their absence. Defend their reason for staying home–migraines are serious!


Another common cause of stress around the holidays is that kids are off from school. And they’re all wired up and excited. This makes it much harder for parents to deal with migraines. If you’re family or a close friend, you can offer to babysit troublesome kids.

And this extends to pets. If they have a dog that needs walking or a cat that needs attention, offer to come over and help out.

Supply Food

It’s not just the special meals that can be a burden at this time. Just putting regular meals on the table can be hard for migraineurs when they’re suffering from an attack. You could help out by making dinner for them or picking something up from the restaurant when they can’t manage to make dinner.


It’s hard to drive with a migraine. But sometimes things need to be done, and you can’t do everything for them. You can make sure they get where they need to be, whether it’s shopping, or something mundane like a doctor’s appointment.


Everybody’s life is hectic during the holidays, and it can, ironically, be hard to find time to spend with an emotionally supportive individual who has a sympathetic ear about migraines. You can be that person if you try. Ask how your friend is feeling and really take the time to listen to their answer.

Recommend Alternative Treatments

There are many migraine treatment alternatives to the usual medications, and maybe these will benefit your friend. TMJ treatment is one approach to migraines that not many people know about, but it can be very successful, especially for people who have other symptoms of TMJ.

If you know someone looking for migraine relief in Columbus, OH, you can recommend that they call (614) 848-5001 for an appointment with a TMJ dentist at Firouzian Dentistry.