adult woman holding her head in pain

As delightful as the holiday season is, not everyone is able to enjoy it. Those who suffer from migraines throughout the rest of the year, tend to have a tougher time during the holiday season. Stress, intrusive smells and even unusual foods can trigger migraines during the holiday season. Help those with migraines in your life stay in the holiday spirit with a few simple offers to make their life easier.

Take Care of Their Holiday Shopping

One of the easiest ways you can help out someone you love who suffers from migraines during the holiday season is by taking care of their holiday shopping for them. There’s nothing worse than facing a loud crowded shopping area when you’re suffering from a migraine. Grab your loved one’s list and visit the store or do their shopping for them online. This will save them from experiencing an even worse migraine.

Keep Meals Simple and Healthy

One of the top triggers of migraines is certain foods and drinks. Do your loved one a favor and stay away from new recipes with exotic ingredients. Try to keep any meals you give your loved one simple and healthy. If you must include alcohol, try to stick with only a glass of white wine. Red wine tends to trigger migraines and drinking too much can result in a hangover. Make sure not to overdo it with caffeine either. Stay hydrated and eat healthy during the holiday season.

Let Them Pass on Family Gatherings

As much as we love family, spending too much time with them or in a room with too many of them can cause more harm than good. If your loved one experiences migraines when visiting family whether due to the stress or noise, give them a free pass to skip the holiday gathering. This will prevent their migraines and let them enjoy the holidays pain-free.

Let Them Sleep In

The holidays are usually jam-packed with shopping, decorating, parties and gatherings, leaving little to no time for sleep, let alone exercise. Do your loved one a favor by letting them sleep in. Catching up on some extra sleep can help prevent migraines caused by sleep deprivation.

Encourage De-Stressing Activities

Don’t let the stress of the holidays get to your loved one. If stress is a major trigger for migraines, encourage your loved one to participate in de-stressing activities like Yoga, taking a walk, or meditating. Join them if it will help them get out and do it.


If your loved one who experiences migraines has children, give them a break and babysit for a little while. With kids home from school during the holidays, it can make parents even more stressed and cause migraines.

Give Them a Ride

Driving with a migraine is dangerous and unpleasant. In some cases, driving might actually cause a migraine because it’s so stressful. If your loved one has a migraine or gets stressed easily from driving, take the wheel and give them a ride. This small gesture can do wonders.

Recommend Alternative Treatments for Migraines

The last thing you can do to help a person with migraines during the holiday season is to recommend alternative treatments for migraines. If they suffer from migraines on a daily or weekly basis, Dr. Firouzian might be able to help.

TMJ treatment is one approach to migraines that not many people know about, but it can be very successful, especially for people who have other symptoms of TMJ.

If you know someone looking for migraine relief in Columbus, OH, you can recommend that they call (614) 848-5001 for an appointment with a TMJ dentist at Firouzian Dentistry.