After losing your natural teeth, you might have noticed that your facial appearance has changed a bit. Maybe you haven’t noticed before but this prompted you to look at some older pictures of your face and compare them to what it looks like now. Do you look older? Not just slight changes, but significantly older? If so, this is completely normal with tooth loss.

Fortunately, our Columbus, OH offers a simple solution that can improve your facial appearance after tooth loss—dental implants.

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Why Your Face Changes with Tooth Loss

So why exactly does your face change after losing teeth? It has to do with your jaw bone. The jaw bone is what holds your teeth in place in your jaw. When you lose your teeth, there is no longer anything in your jaw to stimulate the jaw bone. As a result, the jaw bone will begin to resorb, and bone density will decrease. What many people don’t know is that the jaw bone doesn’t just hold teeth in place, it also supports the facial structure of the lower third of your face. This includes your chin, mouth, and cheeks.

Without the support your facial structure needs, it will start to cave in. This may cause you to experience side effects such as:

  • A sunken in appearance
  • Wrinkles around the mouth
  • Flat cheeks
  • Thinner lips
  • Loose, sagging skin under the chin and/or on the neck

If you experience the symptoms listed above and you have missing teeth, don’t consider plastic surgery. Plastic surgery does not address the root of the problem. Dental implants can provide you with a secure tooth replacement while also rejuvenating your facial appearance.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are simply the best tooth-replacement option on the market. They are surgically inserted into the jaw bone and function just like tooth roots. The dental implants also stimulate the jaw just like natural teeth meaning they will prevent bone loss. A single dental implant can replace a single tooth, or multiple dental implants can be used to replace multiple teeth or a full arch. Generally, four to six dental implants are needed per arch depending on the patient. If your jaw doesn’t have sufficient bone, a bone graft might be necessary first. After placing the dental implant, your Columbus implant dentist will attach a dental crown, bridge, or denture.

The implant will then hold the replacement tooth or teeth in place. They will then function similarly to natural teeth! You don’t have to deal with adhesives or removable replacement teeth.

Top Reasons to Get Dental Implants

So should you take the plunge and upgrade your replacement teeth with dental implants? If you do, you will experience a handful of amazing benefits including the following.

Reduced Signs of Aging

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One of the top benefits of dental implants and the top reason to invest in the procedure is to reduce signs of aging. With tooth loss, early signs of aging might be taking a toll on your self-confidence. Especially if you lost your tooth at a younger age. Although you’ve lost your teeth, you can still choose to replace them with dental implants at any age. You might require a bone graft to become a good candidate for the procedure, but once you get the dental implants, they will stimulate your jaw bone so resorption doesn’t occur. With the stimulation and regain of the jaw bone, your appearance will look younger and signs of early aging will reduce. You will then age at a regular rate.

After getting dental implants, you will notice your cheeks look a bit plumper, lips look fuller, wrinkles around the mouth decrease, and there is less sagging or loose skin.

For even more age-reducing benefits, we highly recommend FOY® Dentures. The dentures are designed with neuromuscular elements to give you facelift-like results.

Long-Lasting Results

When you invest in dental implants, you’re not investing in a treatment that will last you for a few years. Dental implants can last for decades and for a lifetime with proper care. You can look forward to years of amazing results to come.

Osseointegration Occurs Naturally

Osseointegration is a process that fuses the jaw bone to teeth. The same process occurs with titanium dental implants. The implant will fuse to the jaw bone and it will work just like a natural tooth.

Natural, Secure Functionality

Whether you’ve been wearing dentures or going without replacement teeth, dental implants offer the best benefits for functionality. You can eat your favorite foods like steak or corn on the cob without worrying that your teeth will fall out. Instead, you will experience a secure, natural functioning tooth replacement option. The confidence that comes with dental implants is unparalleled to other tooth replacements.

Get Dental Implants in Columbus, OH

If you would like to turn back the clock on your facial features, consider replacing your missing teeth with dental implants in Columbus, OH. To find out if you’re a good candidate, please schedule a consultation with our implant dentist, Dr. Firouzian by calling (614) 848-5001 today.