Young smiling businesswoman with grey folderDo you have a dream? Well, it’s more and more likely that the key to success of that dream could be a crowdfunding campaign on a platform like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or Kiva.

But crowdfunding is far from an easy success. Only 36% of Kickstarter projects get funded–just over a third. That means that your campaign has about ⅔ odds of failing. So it’s understandable that people are constantly looking for an edge.

Well, it turns out that the perfect smile might be your edge. If you are looking for a smile that can give you the confidence to shine in a Kickstarter campaign, outstanding cosmetic dentist Dr. Mike Firouzian can help. Look in our smile gallery to see examples of the outstanding work we’ve achieved for other patients and you’ll get a good idea about what we can do for you.

Compassion, Competence, and Crowdfunding

Researchers from the University of Kansas investigated the impact smiles can have on the success of crowdfunding projects. They figured out that your smile could give you an edge in your campaign. The study had two phases. In the first phase, people were asked to rate creators of Kickstarter campaigns on the basis of their profile picture. In the second phase, researchers correlated the actual performance of Kickstarter campaigns on the basis of profile pictures.

The first part of the study confirmed previous work that having a smile in your profile picture can improve your success on a crowdfunding platform.

But if it were that simple, everyone would have figured it out. Researchers learned that there’s a complex relationship between smiling and the success of a campaign. The more a person smiled, the more people felt compassion toward the campaign creator. A broader smile was associated strongly with positive feelings in this way. But the rub is that broader smiles made a rater doubt the competence of the campaign creator.

This led to a complex effect. The broader a person smiled, the more likely they were to get more shares on Facebook, more tweets, and more low-investment kinds of social interactions. But they didn’t get as much funding. How much less? About 50% less, with an average of 30% less funding per backer.

Why is this? Well, the more positive you feel about someone personally, the more likely you are to support them. But the less you trust their competence, the less you are inclined to give them a lot of money–or any money, for that matter! So people were more likely to give inexpensive (or free) support for people with big smiles, but actually got their money out for those with less broad smiles in their profile picture.

Getting the Perfect Smile for You

One key to giving the best first impression is being confident in the health and beauty of your smile. This will help you have an expression that invokes both compassion and confidence. Remember, even minor cosmetic defects like discolored or crooked teeth can make people think you are less intelligent and less successful.

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