If you are considering braces or other orthodontic treatments, you might find excuses to postpone treatment until another day. There’s always something to do today. Expenses and bills. Distractions.

But if you have crooked teeth, postponing straightening can be damaging to your teeth and your overall health. Here are four good reasons why you should straighten your teeth now.

Don't Wait to Straighten Teeth

Teeth Get More Crooked

You might think that your teeth are finished moving and they’re as crooked as they are going to get, but that’s not true. All the bones in our body are capable of reshaping under pressure, and the pressure from repeated biting and chewing is perfect for reshaping bones. The forces that made your teeth crooked in the first place are likely continuing, causing them to get more crooked over time.

This not only means that you may be more unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, but treatment will take longer, and the other effects of crooked teeth can worsen, too.

Teeth Can Get Worn or Break

Teeth are very strong in one way, but they can be weak in other ways. Most of the strength of the tooth is pointed up along its height. When teeth are straight, this is the direction where most of the force comes from. And for forces coming from other directions, teeth can lean on each other for support.

But when teeth are crooked, their direction of strength doesn’t match the direction of force, and they don’t have support from each other. This makes them more likely to get worn, chipped, or broken.

Crooked Teeth Are Harder to Clean

It’s important to keep your teeth clean in order to keep them healthy. This gets harder when teeth are crooked. Crooked teeth are more likely to trap food, and it can be hard to reach all the places where teeth need cleaning.

These cleaning problems can increase your risk of cavities and gum disease. In fact, studies show that people who have had their teeth straightened can cut their risk of gum disease by almost half! And here’s something even worse: gum disease can increase the mobility of your teeth by damaging the bone around teeth. More mobility means that your teeth will get crooked faster.

You’re Missing Out on Benefits

And you should also consider all the potential benefits of having a beautiful smile. Studies have shown that people with straight teeth are more likely to be hired and more likely to be offered a higher salary. In fact, having an attractive smile can yield a beauty premium of about 4%, which can make a dramatic difference in your lifetime earnings, and the sooner you start, the sooner you could enjoy the benefits.

And then there’s the impact of an attractive smile on your personal life. Both men and women cite an attractive smile as the thing they’re looking for most in a potential date.

While it’s true that these are less certain benefits–we can’t guarantee them–they are also important potential ones to consider when trying to decide if it’s best to straighten teeth now or later.

Orthodontics Are Easier Than Ever

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you that now is the time for you to straighten your teeth. But maybe you’re still hesitant because you think orthodontics would be disruptive because of their restrictions, time, or cost?

Let us put you at ease on that, too, because orthodontic treatments are easier than ever. We have several orthodontic options that can help you enjoy a straighter smile without turning your life upside-down.

First, with Invisalign, you can straighten your teeth with clear plastic aligners. Not only are these practically invisible, they are removable, so you can keep eating all the foods you enjoy now and won’t have to worry about cleaning around troublesome brackets and wires.

And if it’s the time it takes for treatment that bothers you, consider Six Month Smiles. True to its name, this orthodontic option can straighten  your teeth in an average of six months. Plus, these are practically invisible, too, thanks to clear brackets and white wires.

Finally, if it’s the cost of orthodontic care that bothers you, we offer convenient financing options. With financing, you can fit orthodontics into a tight budget without making too much of a sacrifice. And if you just need a little bit of time to get the money together, you can even take advantage of no-interest financing.

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