As spring approaches, many of us are getting into the seasonal cleaning of our homes. Getting rid of all the debris and dust that accumulates in the house over the winter can really help dispel the winter blues and get you in the mood for spring.

But shouldn’t that same spirit apply to your teeth? It could certainly make you feel much better, and can do a lot for your appearance, too.

A woman opening her mouth for a dental exam

Winter Is Hard on Your Teeth

Every season has its challenges for your teeth. In summer, it’s chipped and cracked teeth that get immediate attention, but the winter’s threats are much more insidious and may go unnoticed.

First, there’s the drier air that can dry out your mouth. Saliva is your body’s own antibiotic solution, and every time your mouth dries out, your risk of cavities and gum disease increases.

And remember the cold you had that led to a sore throat and cough that hung on for weeks? Yeah, that’s bad for your teeth, too. If you were sucking on cough drops or enjoying tea with honey in it to soothe your throat, then you were bathing your teeth in food that bacteria could use to attack your teeth and gums.

Besides, when your immune system is stressed because of a cold, it has fewer resources to devote to fighting gum disease, which can flare up while you’re sick.

And that’s not to mention the holiday eating season that exposed your teeth to extra candies, cookies, and cocktails for two months. Your New Year’s exercise routine might be removing the extra pounds from your hips, but it won’t remove the tartar from your teeth.

Beyond Basic Hygiene

If you’re overdue for a dental checkup, now’s the time to schedule one, where we’ll clean your teeth–we’ll even scrape off unsightly tartar–and check for cavities. But maybe now’s the time to consider cosmetic dentistry as well as your usual checkup.

If you’ve been drinking coffee, tea, or cocoa all winter, your teeth might show the evidence in their stained enamel, so why not consider teeth whitening so that you can brighten your teeth? It could be especially helpful if you have a lot of white in your spring wardrobe, which can make your teeth look even more yellow.

And if you do have a gap in your smile you’ve been living with for a long time, spring is the perfect time to finally get it fixed with porcelain veneers so you can show off your newly repaired smile along with your spring dresses.

Whatever attention you feel your teeth need this spring, we can help. Please call (614) 848-5001 for an appointment with a Columbus, OH dentist at Firouzian Dentistry.